I didn't order spaghetti!!

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Can anyone shed some light on why this happened on my E3 S1 Pro? Thank you! Photo attached,

Nozzle is hitting previously printed parts
Turn on Z-hop after retraction in slicer. That's the easiest solution and should help

I will try that. Thanks.

The extruded filament bead looks very (too) well defined, perhaps extrusion temperature too low or fan too high, causing poor binding between layers and the partial collapse that you have (in several places) on the build. One other poss, z-offset, head too far from bed so poor compression? You don't say what filament type you were using? We've all been there, don't beat yourself up, analyse, adjust and go again. GL

Thank you. It is hot here in Los Angeles so I do have fans on in my place. Perhaps I should consider an enclosure.