Homing issues

Help homing_switch skr_mini_e3

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My E3 Pro with a SKR Mini E3 V3 board has suddenly started having a problem with homing the X & Y axis. I printed a week or so ago and it worked fine, turned it on the other day and can't get past the auto home sequence.
The X if you home it individually works as it should but with auto home it moves over until it clicks the stop switch, moves away as usual, then moves back into the switch and the servo keeps running until you shut the printer off. I checked the switch and even though it seemed OK I replaced it but didn't solve the issue.
The Y moves back, hits the switch and keeps going until you shut it off. The Z seems OK but I only tried it a few times because I'm worried about damaging something.
Resetting the EEPROM to factory defaults had no effect.
I'm stumped as to where to even start looking.

Make sure the X Switch is screwed in tight (Y also).
I replaced mine about 2 months ago & thought I snugged it down till last week when I had the same issue.
Once tightened, all was good.

I'll double check it.