What is the correct fireware for adding a CR Touch to a Ender 3?

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its not a V2 or a pro, just a normal Ender 3, would really appreciate the help as I can't fix my printer on my own since i can't find any up to date resources on this specifically. i have not messed with my firmware yet as i don't know which to use. thanks!!!

Creality 3D
extruders: 1
Melzi (Creality)
Baud: 115200

Looks like you've got an 8but board, so you would probably need to burn a bootloader first, before you can flash a new firmware to it. I would also recommend that you download the latest version of Marlin and configure it yourself and not rely on pre-built firmware. If it is an 8 bit board, then you are limited to ver 1.1.9 of Marlin and you can use the Arduino IDE to build and compile it. There plenty of Youtube videos on compiling 1.1.9 and burning bootloaders. Check out Chris's Basement channel or Teaching Tech's