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If you are interested in buying directly from Creality, here is a little advice that may be overlooked. There are 2 websites, a fake and a real one

The real one links back to this here https://www.creality3donline.com/

The fake one is https://creality3d.shop/

home page screenshots attached there is a clear difference in appearance. Can you order from both of them, Maybe. Would I order from both of them, not a chance.

They have had shipping issues, though they use paypal so your money is protected if needed. But if you have had CS issues with "creality" ensure it wasnt from the fake one. See this reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/ender3/comments/a219ol/do_not_buy_from_wwwcreality3dshop_it_is_not_the/

This here is misleading the those looking for reviews of Creality as a vendor. Most of the bad and mid range are directed towards the .shop and not the .com - https://www.trustpilot.com/review/creality3d.shop?languages=en&stars=1.

I have been using Creality.com

When I go to the .com there is a certificate error, perhaps that may be discouraging people from using it.
"Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for www.creality3donline.com expired on 7/18/2020"

I have ordered from the shop site twice now. I have to say I have not had any problems. I ordered the ender 5 plus on Friday December 18, 2020 late. I got an email to confirm my shipping address and I did. I didn’t know it was shipped but it arrived today 12/23/2020. So I have no complaints at all.

I first ordered from the fake one without knowing the difference, and my cr-10 came and had issues and would shut off randomly. I was able to finally get a refund, but I had to pay the 70$ return shipping. I would advise never ordering from them. They run fake sales that seem limited but don't actually lower the price.

Hi all, just my experience to add to the mix.

I ordered from creality3d.shop on 4/7/2020.
Their web page order form stated the product was "U.S. In Stock" at the time (1-2 day processing, 3-7 day shipping).
Later when I went to check status on my order on their website, I noticed that this changed to a later availability date.
This started a chain of emails and communications with the vendor.
The long story short is it has been two months of excuses, please wait longer, and in the end lies.

The lastest had being that the product had been shipped and "it is in delivery", "please wait for the tracking to update".
However, I kept checking OnTrac and they continued to wait for the package from the creality3d.shop.
In my last couple of messages to the vendor I told them that if the nothing changed,
I would be filing a dispute; so I filed on with PayPal.
The vendor stopped responding at that point.

Two weeks later, the printer showed up on my doorstep.
Not a word from creality3d.shop to myself or PayPal.
Note: creality3d.shop's warehouse/location is in Commerce, California. (Southern California)
I am in Sacramento, California (Northern California).
Once, they dropped of the package to OnTrac on Wednesday 6/17/2020; it was on my doorstep the next morning.

They waited two months until I filed a credit card dispute to send the printer.
They knew I could have had the printer in one day the whole time.

By this time, I'd been using another printer for a week that I ordered from another vendor after I filed the dispute.

Like many on here, I also purchased from creality3d.shop. They are not fake, and are a legitimate reseller, but they are horrible to work with. My initial order was for a printer (S4), which I couldn't find elsewhere, as it was out of stock on the main Creality site. I did end up receiving it, but later than promised by about one week. I submitted a subsequent order for a BL touch and extruder parts, that was over a month ago, and have still not received them. Their customer service is not responsive, and they intentionally mis-represent the shipping status. For example, after I complained about my order, I received a shipping notification the next day, with a tracking number. When I checked the tracking, the package had not been delivered to the shipper yet, so Creality3d.shop just created a label to make it look like the order was in process.

Anyway, my point is these guys are not honest, and not good to work with. Based on my experience and other accounts I have read, I think most people get their items, it just takes much longer than expected. Plus the communication and service is terrible.

I would recommend buying for Creality directly, or another source.

I accidentally ordered from the fake site, and I'm now at the stage here they have created the shipping label, but have not actually sent it. All of my tracking sites say it is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I am very skeptical. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised, but if I don't get my printer by the 10th, I'm complaining and getting a refund and buying through the official site.

Creality3D.shop is an extremely fraudulent seller! They promised 5-7 business day shipping via DHL for my BL Touch. 6 weeks later the package supposedly arrived in L.A. and was passed to "local carrier". Over 2 weeks later, still no package!

Creality3d.shop provides excuse after excuse and has blamed it on COVID-19 and the shipper. Sorry, but they were the ones who did not ship WHEN, WHERE or HOW they promised.

Time to dispute charges with PayPal and file a complaint with the FTC.

They (creality3d.ship) haven't fixed anything - I ordered a printer on April 14th. In spite of the website saying "shipping in 3-7 business days", they said on the receipt they would ship April 30. On May 1st they sent an email saying they had shipped - with a bogus tracking number. FedEx says they received a label request on April 14, but never received an item to ship. Several emails with support only produced more stalling - first saying they had confirmed the shipment, then saying they would have to "survey" to investigate. I started refund procedure with PayPal - DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE.

I also bought from the fake site. They have pooooor warranty support. My E3 came in not homing sent them what steps I did, following the real Creality site for trouble shooting. They insisted on me sending a video of the problem which I did twice and they say they cant access it. Now they say to post it on YouTube. This problem has been going on since Feb. Their support answers are very insulting. I contacted the real Creality and they insist I go through the fake one for service and wont help even thought they made the defective printer. i have three other mfgs 3d printers. I would never buy another Creality printer. NONE OF MY UPGRADES OR SUPPLIES WILL COME FROM CREALITY.

They still very much have an issue shipping. I ordered an Ender 3 Pro a few weeks ago, and they told me it would ship within 3-7 days. When it didn't, I asked, and they said it would ship within 10 days. I asked for a refund, got it, and after watching their website, it looks like that date would've been pushed out even more.

However, my coworker ordered an Ender 3 (non pro), and received it in a few days. Depends entirely what they have in stock, but they are not above lying to make a sale.

What was your process to cancel your order like?

I ordered a printer from them on April 27th and the estimated shipping date was today. I checked yesterday and the shipping date was changed to June 6th. I emailed their support email as well as submitted a message through their site yesterday with no reply yet.

It took a couple days for them to respond, as well as a couple VERY stern "I want to cancel" emails. They tried talking me out of it as much as they could.

Once they did cancel, it took about a week for the refund to come through.

I just wanted to reply here to update everyone because this is one of the first posts that show up when searching Creality shop.

https://creality3d.shop/ is in fact a authorized distributor of Creality and sell legitimate printers.

I live in the US and ordered my Ender 3 through them on a Friday night (4/10/20), I received the printer that Tuesday afternoon (4/14/20).

I know a lot of posts around the web are saying fake and stay away, and lots of people have had legitimate shipping issues. All of the posts I have seen are a year old or older. They seem to be pretty on the ball as far as shipping printers now.

They put Amazon to shame in terms of shipping speed.

Not many people post positive things on the net, so I just wanted to share my recent experience.

Happy printing!!!

I really hope you're right. I accidentally ordered from the wrong shop and didn't realize until just now. I'm hoping to get my 3D Printer before Christmas so I can make some prints to supplement the Christmas gifts I'm giving this year. Reading through these comments and replies made me super uneasy, and I started looking for a way to cancel the order. I found out the official site won't be shipping the printer I want until the 10th, so if I don't see anything about my order being shipped, I'm going to cancel and re-order through the official site. I really hope I don't have to! Thanks for your input!

I ordered a ender 3 pro from the .shop site in early January 2020 and received in within 5 days.. I also ordered PLA from them in late January and got it in 9 days. The printer was actually $30 cheaper on that site than it is on the official (which I just found out about).

they have around 8 ebay accounts in diffrent names also but they all are creality they do low prices to bump up the feedback & respond fast so check out there

Thanks for pointing that out SHENKOE.

Although the .shop site does not specifically say they are the "official " Creality3D company, they sure do lead one to believe that they are. Under About Us they have an official-looking certificate that lists presumably them (Customer No 20180705SWWL) as an authorized brand agent/distributor for a number of Creality3D printers. Unfortunately, Creality3D does not have a list of authorized resellers that I can find.

Maybe creality3d.shop is selling real Creality3D product but the misleading site and numerous reports of poor or non-existent customer service would turn me away from buying anything there.

Stick to known legitimate sites like the official Creality3D® Printers Official Creality3D Direct Online Store and Banggood.com. The prices at these sites are as good or better than the shady .shop site that masquerades as the real Creality3D.

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P.S. I have contacted Creality3D to ask them:
Is xttps://creality3d.shop a legitimate seller of Creality3D products?
Is there a list of authorized Creality3D re-sellers that potential buyers can check to make sure that they are not buying the real thing?

Thanks for the heads-up!

No wonder I received no response to a warranty claim when the power supply on my new Ender 3 died.

(Edit:) The claim I filed on the https://creality3d.shop site was for a printer purchased on Amazon, not from the shop site itself. I'll need to contact the legitimate vendor and re-file the claim.

If the dealer is a Amazon prime dealer, you don;t have to mess with the dealer. Just send it back to Amazon. Free return shipping, and get replacement or your money back.

See @mcarthey each experience is different

This is honestly the first I've seen regarding this and I guess I'm fortunate because I ordered from the .shop site. To be fair, I didn't have any problems and received my order in less than a week. In fact, I feel kind of bad now because I directed two other friends to order from the same site. Again, they did receive their order in a timely fashion. Should I consider taking some other action?
I also checked the WHOIS info, and the only thing visible for the .shop domain is an "address" of Guangdong CN with a registrar of GoDaddy. The other has a registrar of "Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd."
Thanks for the info.

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It does state they have since become better with fulfilling orders, I posted this more as an advisory to those who want to order directly from creating, as stated in the beginning sentence.

All experiences vary with any vendor you buy from, big or little.