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Creality 3D Printers and Accessory Deals

by TekMason

Creality 3D Printers and Accessory Deals

Creality 3D Printers

Creality3D Ender-3 - Banggood
The infamous Ender 3 has become the new standard in quality FDM printing with a price that is easy to swallow.
It features V-Slot bearings, fast printing, and large build volume (220x220x250mm). The Ender-3 is suitable for beginers and the go-to machine for pros.
$9.99 off with code: En33D02

Creality 3D Ender-3 with glass bed + 5x nozzles - Gearbest
The Ender-3 with a tempered glass build plate and 5x 0.4mm nozzles.

Creality3D Ender-3 Pro - Banggood
This is the Ender-3 with a few upgrades including more ridgid 40x40 Y-Axises and removable cMagnetic platform.
$14 off with code: En3P01

Creality3D Ender-5 - Banggood
The newest member of the Ender series. A large build volume of 220x220x300mm, a box frame, (power) resume printing function, detachable Cmagnetic build plate, east leveling and 350W Landy power supply.
$20 off with code:en3d501

Creality 3D CR-X - Banggood
Color touch screen, larger printing size (300x300x400mm), dual extrusion system with a single nozzle and three fans to help cool extruded filament and improve consistency in layering.
$50 off with code:en3d501

Creality 3D LD-001 Desktop - Banggood
Desktop LCD Light-curing 3D Printer, 120x70x120mm, 3.5" color touch screen, WiFi and automatic leveling
$30 off with code:LD3D01

3D Printer Accessories

Upgraded Long-Distance Remote Metal Extruder Kit For Creality CR-10 3D Printer - Banggood
Replace your plastic Creality 3D extruder with this Metal Aluminium Anodised kit to improve performance and print quality. It has 5 star rating from more than 200 reviews of this product.

Creality 3D BL-Touch Heated Bed Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kit (upgraded version) - Banggood
No more dorking around with trying to level your build plate when you install this unit.
$7 off with code: crmb01

BIQU TL-Smoothers Addon Module For 3D Printer Motor Drivers - Banggood
While protect your motors and electronics while delivering smoother movement with less vibration for better quality prints.

Creality 3D Flexible Magnetic Build Plate - Banggood
Say goodbye to prints jobs that stick to the build plate. Throw your scraper away with this upgrade.
$2.41 off with code: crbs3D01

Upgraded Creality 3D Build Plate Leveling Springs - Banggood
Better build plate leveling springs with flat top and bottom surfaces that make bed leveling easier and last longer.

Prices and delivery times are dependent upon the warehouse selected so choose accordingly.

Creality3D Ender 3 Thingiverse group
Having problems with your Ender3? See Ender 3 Troubleshooting
For the latest deals visit Creality 3D Printers and Accessory Deals
Visit Banggood or Gearbest for a huge selection of affordable products and components for the Maker.

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Extruder Motor rotating wrong

by EthanB783

So I’m walk into my office to another printer that just failed. I assume it’s the nozzle that’s broken again so I start taking apart and putting it back together as usual. But when I try to load up new filament… To my surprise it’s actually the motor that’s brokenBecause instead of spinning clockwise it’s twitching in place. Cool so I’ll just order a new motor… The new motor had the same problem, twitching in place. I thought it might be the extension cord so I took it out and plugged the motor directly into the printer… and like a cartoon it started to work perfectly but in the opposite direction. I believe it’s the extension cord but I couldn’t find one online and I wanted the experts opinion on it before I buy another thing.

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Filament leaking

by smash100

As the filament is heating up, a little bit is leaking out causing it to mess up the entire print.

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mini usb power bleed

by printingjunkie

So I have my Pi hooked up to my ender 3. When I am done printing and turn off my printer power supply it still receives power through the mini USB port that's coming from the pi. This is bad because it makes a horribly Noize and isn't enough to fully power the printer. The only thing I can do is unplug the USB cable from the printer and replug it when I am ready to print again. Doing this is one extra step and I would like to just be able to turn on the power supply and start printing.

Any help is much appreciated-printingjunkie

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Cannot update Firmware to new v2 board.

by e47b

Hi. I just got a v2 for my E3, and installation went fine, it starts up with the installed Marlin 1.0.1, but that's where i'm stuck. My only means of putting a .bin on an SD is using my phone, then placing that SD card in the v2.

After inserted then printer turned on, it just starts as usual with the already loaded software. At this point, if i pop the SD in and out, it registers inserted or removed, but i get "No TF Card."

If quicker/easier, updating the Firmware via USB is fine, too, i'm just not technical, eager to get back to printing. :) I've tried three different SD cards, no luck.

Thank You for any help.

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