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Can I use 2 20v batteries to power a 40v tool?

by LiquidBeef

40v batteries for these 40v Dewalt tools are expensive, and I already have plenty of 20v batteries. Is it theoretically possible to build an adapter and use 2 20v batteries in place of a 40v battery?

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Matt Flexible Material

by PT-Designs

Hi guys,
I've been looking for a flexible filament in the range of 80-90 Shore A that creates a matt finish but couldn't find anything yet.
Do any of you have tips or experiences with various filaments in this regard?

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Baby Walker incremental wheel movement

by Moshjoshuk

Hi, I'm trying to get into 3d printing so I can bring my ideas to life. I recently had a baby boy who has started learning to walk.

Problem: His walker moves forward (or backwards) when pushed (pulled) in an uncontrolled manner. When my son attempts to pull himself up or stabilise himself, the walker shoots forward, resulting in him falling over.

I would like to design and 3d print a mechanism which attaches to the wheels of the walker (simple wooden walk bought from Amazon) which controls its forward and backward movement.

Ideally, I would like the walker to move forward, inch by inch, and only when forward force is applied.

I'm a complete newbie and don't have any engineering knowledge. However, to illustrate some of the mechanisms I thought I might need I have attached a few pictures.

Can anyone please help me?

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Need a cutout in a Thing

by Johnnii360

Hey guys!

Is there any one that can do a cut out for me in a Thing? I already asked the creator past few days of the Thing but got no reply yet.

It's this Thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2600020

On the top (playstation_pi_mini_v3_top.stl) is on the left side a fake LED spot. Here I need a proper cutout so place a real LED here. I've tried a bit to do it with Blender but I'm a bloody beginner. Never had any done with Blender.

Playstation Pi Mini V3 (Raspberry Pi 2 + 3 Case)
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Using Python programming to generate repetitive patterns

by phildc

I normally mainly use OpenScad for my designs, but some building parts are difficult or slow to create.
Here an exemple of slate roof done with Python programming:


Once the pattern is created, you just change the number of columns and rows, or the slate dimensions.

Slate roof for HO scale models
by phildc
programming python stl
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