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Matt Flexible Material

by PT-Designs

Hi guys,
I've been looking for a flexible filament in the range of 80-90 Shore A that creates a matt finish but couldn't find anything yet.
Do any of you have tips or experiences with various filaments in this regard?

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Is a heated bed really necessary?

by jokerwild

I've almost got enough to get the printer i want, i'll be able to purchase it in February. The printer is a Reprap Prusa i3 that has a print volume of 220220240MM.

One of the first things i intend to print is a 3d printer that is larger than the one i'm getting,Possibly of the same design, but i want this one to have a build volume of 500mm Cubed. I havent seen any printers with a heated bed that size so the question is, Do i really need a heated bed? what are the advantages and disadvantages to opting out of it?

Side Note: if your answer is "Google it" Don't bother responding, because if google could answer my question, i wouldn't be asking experts now would i?

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What’s the best electronic kits for engineering

by NeoPrint777

I’m kind of new I would like to know how to incorporate electronic to 3D printing or the other way around to make cool projects. Anyone know what kit to buy and what tools are necessary

electronics engineering
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CR-10 mini ABL sensor

by Phistterbut_Inc

Does the CR-10 mini come with a leveling sensor and heated bed? I'm helping a friend shop for a printer and I'm getting conflicting reports.

CR10 cr10 mini
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3d printed robotic arm

by ioannou0

well , i wanted to design and build a robotic arm for some automation that i want to do and there is no doubt that seeing your own creations work is awsome , if you want to take a look , you are more than welcome o do so ! ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2QkaCshTuE

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