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Printing things to handle engine bay environment

by sen2two

I first got into 3D printing in hopes of printing some parts for my car. So now that I have some experience and could accomplish this, I want to make sure the prints will survive the heat and vibration of and engine bay. Print quality aside, whats the best filament to do this with?

Right now I am working out and dialing in my PETG prints in hopes this media will do the job. Giving it's high heat resistance (prints at 240C normally) and that it will normally bend/flex before breaking/shattering.

Also, anything that the media can be coated with to better protect it?

So, for those with first hand experience printing parts used on your car, specifically yout engine bay, what media have you used with success, and have you coated it with anything for long term protection?

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get a V2Kinect to work as 3D scanner on Windows 10?


A Kinect camera for the Xbox360 is supposed to transform Windows PC's into 3D Scanners.
It works like the Sense or ISense by 3DSystems, and there is an OSversion too, can't recall the brand name.
After three weeks of cursing Microsoft, i kinda am out of ideas.
-it is a V2 Kinect.
-does not work with Reconstruct Me software
-Cannot find the newly required windows driver, wich is mentioned a ton of times, but only links to dead pages & a github repository , wich to my knowledge does not contain any relevant driver.
-their own info pages concerning the build describe to use the windows update, wich, offcourse, doesnt fly.
-the Kinect doesnt get installed on a Win 10.
-None of the infopages Microsoft supplies, Applies, ALL of them are faulty.
Has anyone gotten a V2Kinect to work as 3D scanner on Windows 10?
Cause, testing the thing, is about the only ffing reason i didn't threw out that wanna be smartphone OS.

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alternative to foldback clips

by Rockevzel

Hi there,

does anyone have a good alternativ to the foldback clips? everything whats above the glassplate disturbes the printer..
I have a dualextruder - so I lose much printingspace because of them.. does anyone have an alternativ to them?

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Making a hole in objects that can be 3d printed

by Paul2015

I've seen some pencil holders that have holes in the shape of the object and I think people who have done it have used program like blender. Is there a way to do this with out to much trouble. What is this effect called?

Some examples:


Buckyball Pencil Holder
by pmoews
Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder (For The Love of Dog)
Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Pencil Holder
by ReidJD
Pencil Holder
by kurioso
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Testing another new filament - need recommendations

by tamccain

Hey all, I will be working on testing a new filament in the next couple days. It is Maker Geeks Maker Series Pink Filament. It is bubble gum/Pepto Bismal Pink. I want your opinions on things that you'd like to see printed in this video. I have printed a couple things already - an Elephant and Mip the robot, but I'd like to know what you'd like to see. Leave me a comment and let me know.

Also, I just posted the review of Maker Geeks Crystal series Translucent Purple Filament. You can check it out here if you want.

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