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Developing a new printer design - what’s one thing missing from

by Bootan9

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. My friend and I are college students working on designing and building a 3D printer of our own and want to figure out what problem in the 3D printing world we want to address. We have a decent amount of experience with 3D printing ourselves, but we figured the best way we could get some ideas is by going to people with a lot of experience!

We essentially are looking for something that is missing in 3D printers (FDM printers specifically) or something that could be improved - it doesn’t really have to be anything major. We would just like to use this project of ours to do something to improve the 3D printing world!

Thank you for your time!

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3D printing

by lukeschmucker

Does anyone have some tips on 3d printing
just started and was wondering
im only 13

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Anybody created a nut for a e27 lamp - Ikea KLABB

by StaniScholl


I'm looking for anybody who may know or already did a nur for a E27 lamp. It has an outside thread, see here:

I try to create a nut with for this one to fix a lamp umbrella to it. But I can't recreate the thread with fusion 360. Anybody can help me?


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Printing with weed trimmer line

by Phistterbut_Inc

Heard it works, anyone actually tried it? I'm talking decent attempt, not just, yeah it extrudes. I'd be curious to find out if anyone knows what form of plastic it is. Supposedly it was used during the early days of printing before the hype. Now post-hype I'd sure like to find out for sure.

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Phillips Hue Dimmer V2 Wallplates In search of models or maker

by SmartSolutions518

Does anyone know where I could find models for wall plates like these? Or if there is a place that I can post to find someone who could make them for me or maybe already has made similar models and it could be easily modified? I need to make triple and quad gang plates maybe a double or two. I would def pay for the design for quality ones like these. V2 dimmers btw. https://www.etsy.com/listing/756840248/philips-hue-dimmer-switch-wall-plate-3d?click_key=48f986dc2a60404a343da6f268f44fc108ae7fed%3A756840248&click_sum=53cf9bd7&ref=related-4&sts=1&variation0=2145671407

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