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by angman

trying to make a stamp for my wifes soap she makes

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Is the a8 belt really better?

by truglodite

So I read through this reddit:


Then I saw op came to the wrong conclusion, and so many other posts went right along with that. His data actually shows that the stock a8 belt is much less stretchy than the gt2. Actually, the difference is huge; the a8 showed plastic failure at a much higher loading with less deflection, where as the gt2 belt exhibited elastic behavior and failure at a much lower loading.

The thread moves on to say essentially, "the a8 is no good because it is so much stretchier". Obviously, if stretchiness was the main metric of quality, they should be saying the a8 belt is way better.

Am I missing something here? I did change my a8 to gt2 belts from Ebay, but I did that to reduce noise. The stretchy belts also make tensioning much easier (look at the graph... pretty much holds the same tension as it stretches out). Now that my printer resides in my garage, noise isn't an issue, and I actually wish my a8 belts were long enough to try with tensioners.

I'm also curious why there is so much fever in general to throw out the a8 belt? Seems to me if the frame and tensioning mechanism is adequate, a less stretchy belt might give less ghosting, correct? If so, that super stiff a8 belt might be actually quite good.

I am curious to hear this group's thoughts on the subject. I'm sure there is more to what makes a belt give good prints besides its elastic modulus. I'd like to hear that, especially if it helps me get back into the popular camp of a8 belt h8ers lol.

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What is this chain clip for ?

by madsrinker

I hope this is not the wrong forum but i can not understand what this is! I am printing chains to my a8 and wondering where this fits in??

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Engineering Things

by cjkturtle

Hey guys! Recently I have been struggling to come up with anything worth posting on here. I think this is in part my lack of time and and part my inability to think of something that motivates me to design. If you guys have any ideas for something to get me back here that would be awesome! I’m excited by semi complex engineering designs that when printed, have an important function. MechEngineerMike if this not engineering related enough I will gladly delete just let me know. I tried.

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board design referral


Who can you refer us too?
i'm looking for companies that can
-design a new 3DP controller board as instructed.
-prototype it

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