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Study on UFP and VOCs Released During 3D Printing Operations

by Candman91

An article was published today talking about the particle and chemical emissions created during the 3D printing process. The writers talk about the latest research coming out about the pollutants and how they can affect us. I've read discussions here from makers that use HEPA, charcoal, and other filtration systems for their enclosures, and their steps to mitigate the risk. I've read some of the studies released from various universities about the harmful emissions during the printing process.

I wanted to take in everyone's input on long-term effects and what you do to protect yourself and your workspace from these emissions. What safety measures do you take to ensure you, your colleagues, family, etc. are protected from the UFP and VOCs released?


Emissions Filter Filtration Protect Study UFP VOC
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2020 Extrusion - How to fix acrylic sheet?

by Makhaira

I'm knocking together a little enclosure for my filament spools to keep them dry (silica sachets inside), and the structure is 2020 extrusion. I'm not decided on the best way to slot the acrylic that I'm using for the sides of the enclosure into the 2020.

  • Tee-nut with a slot cut out?
  • Protruding brackets bolted through the acrylic?
  • Other options I've not thought about?

I'd be interested in hearing any ideas or especially seeing pictures of anything people have done before.


2020 2020_extrusion enclosure
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Thermistor cr 10

by SimonFranz5

can you use a NTC 3950 100k 1% thermistor without firmware changes on the cr 10?

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Free Plugin for Cura (Enverter) - Beta version is now released

by pjdixit

Update: Nov 24, 2018

Very excited to share this. Enverter for Cura (Beta) is now released for you to try. It is completely FREE.

Do you use Cura for slicing your models for 3D printing? Enverter for Cura plugin might be useful to you.

Enverter for Cura

As someone involved in prototype designing and 3D printing, you often encounter calculations involving build volume, dimensions, filament length/weight, extruder and chamber temperatures in various units.

Enverter can offer some respite from unit conversion hassles.

Enverter for Cura is an unit converter plugin specifically tailored to address engineering conversions with over 4300 unit conversions available in more than 20 different categories.

You can download Enverter for Cura here

I Hope you like it. Share your thoughts/feedback/criticism. Thank you!

Enverter for Cura - Free Engineering Unit converter plugin for Cura
by pjdixit
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Protect PLA from the enviorment

by sen2two

I sometimes print in ABS, but some parts/features do not weok well with ABS. So for certain items I stick to PLA. eSun PLA+ to be specific.

I don't really print "thingys". I am normally priniting functional "thingys". So... living in sunny, humid Florida. I need a way to protect my parts from warping and degrading when in use over long terms.

I had a phone mount on my motorcycle that was printed in normal PLA. It lasted a decent amount of time. But the bike lives outside and eventually warped enough to not fit the phone.

Is there something out there to coat/apply to the surface of PLA that will protect it from the enviorment?

I have this, but I am unsure if it will do what I am asking it to do:


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