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Adding different powders to PLA

by ShuttleSpace

Its possible to go to the beach with a magnet and pull metal powders from the sand. These vary from place to place so it might be useful to know about how to mix them into pellets and get a metallic filament.

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PSU rating

by Tiwill345

Hi everybody !

I'm building a little CNC router (and laser) for fun and learning more about CNC. Im currently using GRBL, arduino, TMC2100 and nema 17 for the hardware. To run all this, I bought a 12V 30 amps 360 watt PSU out of amazon, and I have a question about it ! My PSU has a potentiometer to set the desire voltage value, if my system draw about 10 amps, can I take the voltage up to about 20 volts ?

To recap my question: is the output rating voltage important to respect, or the wattage is more important ?

cnc CNC_Router laser power_supply PSU
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2 stepper drivers in one slot.

by RotaryDesign

As mentioned in the topic, do you think there will be any issue driving 2 stepper drivers from same slot on 3dprinter board? I need 2 motors driven by same signal but be able to control current separately.

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Filament curling up

by jayko30


I am trying to print some things in PLA but with this specific filament its just not possible because if i try to print it it curles up and does not really stick to the bed i can pushi it with verry little force with my pincet and its just curling up all the time on the first layers...
i tried : Leveling , temp higher - lower both hotend and heatbed , lower speeds and i try to use a brim/raft - but not even the brim/raft is sticking to the print bed wich makes it EXTREMELY difficult....

Print settings:
0,2mm layer
210°C now before 200°C Heatend
75°C now before 68°C bed
before 100mm/s now not even 40mm/s
infill 15%

the quoted before refferes to the settings i used before i used the other colour..

but here comes the clue behind it which baffles me a bit..i used this filament about one week ago and it worked perfectly with no problems in the meantime i used another colour of pla and now it wont even stick to the bed and after i switched back to the white one i now have this problems...

and please no : use buildtak or use hairspray or glue !

see in the pictures what i mean with curling up and not sticking to the bed

please help ....

filament Help settings
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