Help slicing (plane cut) an STL into quaters

by NXSmiggy

Hi all, wondering if someone could possible help me with a slicing job. I have 2 stl files that I need to slice into quarters, one a decorated disk and the other an arena the disk fits into. I'm struggling to slice them properly in meshmixer or tinkercad.

Once sliced, it needs to be in 4 parts as opposed to printing the same quarter 4 times as each makes part of the overall pattern. I modified the stl using tinkercad but can't for the life of me get it to slice on the centerline correctly.

The stl is a paid one so can't post it here directly unfortunately.

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Updated Fusion360 discord server

by Bern_Kurman

Updated Fusion360 Discord
The Updated Discord is keeping all the chatrooms, moderators, and roles, but features a better role assignment system, as well as an anti-raid system.
The Fusion360 discord is a place where you can get help with all the environments in Fusion (i.e. Modeling, CAM, Patch, Animation, Simulation, etc.), as well as get ideas on what to model when you hit that creativity block and share designs. If this is something you would be interested in, follow the link down below. Hope to see you there!


engineering Fusion360 fusion_360 openscad
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Printed gears, nozzle size and module?

by Aethelstan

Hi guys, I am looking into creating some 3D printed planetary gearboxes to fit into a nema 17. I currently have a 0.4 nozzle on my hot end, and can almost get my gears to turn freely with minimal backlash by using a module of 0.5mm, but they are not quite there yet. Is there a rule of thumb that will allow me to select a nozzle and module that will work together well? I appreciate that there will always be some post print processing required, but that can be easy to over do. Any suggestions?


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Reuse Roomba wheels for rc/robotics projects

by dtr182

I did a quick search but have not seen it done. Is it too hard or do Roomba wheels have some limitations?

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How to make a die cut machine

by reprobubbles

I run a small vacuum forming co. I do a lot of reproduction inserts/blisters for vintage toys like Transforms, G.I. Joe and Star Wars. Each plastic insert I sell, comes with a card board backer. Each blister requires a different size, shape and creased for the card board backer. I know I could buy die for each one and use a die cut machine I am cheap and own numerous 3d printers and was hoping to be able to create my own dies.

Can anyone help me with this project? I’ve added some links so you can see what the inserts, card board backer and my idea are. Thanks for any suggestions.

Picture of Insert sitting on the Cardboard Backer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ghAbUPZuB7-r4yYrVerjZlrPeqAjK3k0/view?usp=sharing

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Need help fixing / redesigning my sun-tracker prototype

by xlabs

I'm trying to do a heliostat / solar sun tracker, but faced some difficulties as i have basic knowledge in 3d design and mechanical engineering.
I printed the prototype (PLA) and did some tests with motors - but it failed my tests.

Issues in current design:

  1. On hold position all the load is falling on the stepper motors. Though stepper motors are trying to hold position, The axis would move easily- even without the load (solar panel / mirror) and forces (wind, gravity).

  2. Stepper motors work too hard to move the big gears and structure. no way motors move the 5kg solar panel or mirror.

(EDIT) 3. Motors used are the NEMA 17, a gearbox might be needed as @RotaryDesign mentioned - to be able to lift the weight (mirror/solar panel) and move/hold in wind.

To solve the issue, the model needs to be redesigned in a way that the weight and pressure are not accumulating on the stepper motors.
One way i thought about it is using gearbox / worm gears, in a way that stepper motors wont interrupt and limit the movement - ultimately if motors stay inside the structure and covered.

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Need some help on RC motor setup for cable drive system

by Revamped_Outdoors

I tried looking for RC specific groups but they seemed inactive if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know. If figured a forum of engineers would be able to help!

I want to have a carriage driven by a pulley on a cable or rope (550 para), I have the carriage design, arms and motor mount printed and tested with some old quadcopter parts I had laying around. Problem is the only motor I have is 2605 kv brushless so the thing either screams or doesn't move due to torque constraints.

I am pretty familiar with driving brushless motors with ESCs from a flight controller but other than that I am kind of clueless as to what motor I would need for this purpose. Maybe something related to combat robots that is slow and torquey? I have looked at the car brushless motors and they are still 1500 kv which is still moving really fast.

I have no problem going brushed or geared I just can't find any information on those. I think maybe because in the RC community they are antiquated at this point? Not sure, just trying to figure out how have a slow motor controlled by an RC transmitter! I didn't think I would be this lost lol.

Thanks for any information you can provide,


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Wind Turbine thoughts, ideas & solutions!

by Kounes


I've started this topic because I'm working on a wind turbine ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3091350 & https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3117435 ).
My main goal is to generate enough power for simple stuff like som LED lighting around the house, charging phones and such (running my printer on it would be an awesome plus though). So here my progress sort of.

I had some decent results as far as speed and torque so I didn't improve my pump one for now, and went straight to the electric one.

I tinkered with the blades a bit already since last upload, also did some extra math to make it work and it should be around 200 RPM with a windspeed of 3.2-3.5 M/S, in the perfect world ofcourse... This, however does not include the lift generated at the end of wings nor the drag.

But still, I'm going on.
I reckon to be able to generate some usable power between 800-1000 RPM, if i can get a motor suitable for it.
I drawn a simple planetary gear that increases 1/3, Printed and just works fine. now adding a 1/1.5 in the end to get at 900RPM (final gear file coming today)

Motor I was Thinking about:

White PET-G (mainly), Nylon (gears moving parts) PLA ( keep the cost down in non visual/constructive parts.
Carbon or/and aluminum tubes (Blade and general reinforcing)

My questions to you guys,
Is the motor right? Any ideas of improving gear system? tips in general!

Wind Turbine / Water Pump
by Kounes
Wind Turbine, start of the final version (I hope!)
by Kounes
wind_energie wind_energy wind_power wind_turbine
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Free Engineering unit conversion plugin for Cura

by pjdixit


As someone involved in product designing, prototyping, and 3D printing, you often encounter calculations involving build volume, dimensions, filament length/weight, extruder and chamber temperatures in various units.

Enverter can offer some respite from unit conversion hassles.

Enverter for Cura is a FREE unit converter plugin specifically tailored to address engineering conversions with over 4300 unit conversions available in more than 20 different categories.

I have attached the snapshot of the prototype. Looking forward to release it to public in near future.

Here is the link to the thing on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3170701

Thank you!

Enverter for Cura - Free Engineering Unit converter plugin for Cura
by pjdixit
3dprinting cura engineering units
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