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if you want something built or you have a 3d printer you can use the desing and pay group to negotiate price and have something printed or print something or design a nice way to make some money
desing & pay found in the thingiverse groups a nice way to make money

You're meaning something like https://www.3dhubs.com/ ?

great idea
its just the fact, that the lowest price might not be the cheapest option…. we would have to consider cost of shipping, which would be more realistic.
and we could make an offer with the country the person lives in written somewhere with the general information:
as an example

person1: i need xyz printed and shipped to country, i need this (as fast as possible/ in 2 weeks/ etc.), who could print it to me

person2: come from anothercountry, it Will arrive in about 3 weeks, it would cost cost and shipping, about the cost of shipping

Good plan! Maybe go to the designer first if he/she wants to print it for a donation

Just make sure you are following the licensing and yea I agree.