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Does anyone know a good way do design a 3D model of a phone using Fusion 360? It has some curves that is hard to model. Thx.

moto e4 phone


I have successfully made a model! :D

Motorola E4 Case and Model

I almost got a corner!
Match does not seem to work.

Does anyone know how I might create a T-spline body or other body/surface from these 3 sketches?

I think I found a way, I Revolved the top profile 90 degrees in the Sculpt environment, and i'm editing it to fit the front profile. :D

use canvases and free forms (organic appeal) or parametric with splines, fillets w/e you like (since its a quite simple shape).

Here is a nice video on sculpting (in german) but the idea is clearly illustrated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA3mxRVXOWM

Tbh i think its overkill and a few canvases should let you model it with ease parametricallly.

I just made one for you. (its in my things).
Let me know if it works or needs modification.


Mock cell phone

That won't work...

You can check out Make Anything's video on Youtube on how to design a phone case in which he uses Adobe Illustrator and Fusion 360, using Illustrator as a way to trace the edges of the phone, as well as the camera holes and the buttons, etc. Hope this helped.

Yeah I watched that twice, but the OnePlus has a flat top, bottom, and sides, which makes it so much easier.

Devin's use of Adobe is redundant. You can do the entire process inside Fusion 360.

Get yourself a contour gauge. You can also take a photo perpendicular to the faces and model based off of that by importing the photo as a reference plane. Don't forget with that method to calibrate the image. When you go to fillet the edges, remember that you can do different edge lengths.