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I'm sorry I ever told anyone about this company, really, I am. You all have my sincerest apologies.

The order previous to my last took them two months to get out after I emailed them relentlessly. I guess that's what it takes, an email on the hour every hour. Now, here I am with another order I foolishly placed, patiently waiting (two months later) and warning you all to stay the f*ck away from them. They sent me rolls of PETG with bulges so bad that the filament would get caught before the throat and ruin my print. The customer service is non-existent to say the least, abhorrently so. All of the reviews you can find (not on their website) are around 3/4 negative and reflect what I'm saying here.

Without minging on too much or whining about it, I thought I'd warn future purchasers to stay away. You deserve to know what you're getting into. I'll upload photos soon of the bulges as proof of the lack of QC.

Pictures are up, though low quality. I'm using some Wun Hung Lo inspection camera. The filament is clear and that doesn't help either. Everyone knows that heat creep doesn't happen sporadically and that far up. Measured distance from melted end is 25 mm to beginning of bulge. The bulge is 4 mm long and has a diameter of 2.1 mm.

I should add that their latest instagram photo has nothing but comments reflecting this exact thing. The BBB says they have an F rating with 113 complaints lodged against them.

Another update, it's posted below, but I'm adding here for posterity.

Makergeeks had a law suit filed against them back in December of 2017. The case had been handed down default judgment. The last docket entry, from around the time people received mass coupon emails, was at 11/14/18. I'm not a lawyer so I'm not 100% sure what all of it means, but I get enough of the gist to say: probably not the best idea to order Makergeeks

The full docket can be viewed on the Missouri court website at courts.mo.gov or by searching for Missouri court records and performing a search for the above listed docket number. Get the word out folks, across hell and back, get the word out.

Everyone get that email this morning? Not sure what to make of it. Smells like a last ditch effort, more ditch than effort.

Care to share the email text? Kinda fun to read up on the shitshow going on.

This is the email copy and pasted verbatim.

Well, that's no good at all...
Good morning, well as you might know or might not know MakerGeeks.com is having a bit of a rough patch - we have grown and grown and grown over the last 24 months and we finally reached our breaking point over Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018.

With our equipment issues and not being able to ship all your orders on time we started to run into trouble with the BBB and claims of fraud.

While we in no way took any money fraudulently or with the intent of not shipping we did fully drop the ball and our support team and shipping couldn't keep up with the demand.

So, the drama continues - this Sunday we received an email from Google saying that they had received a report from an anonymous tipster that our website, hosted on Shopify, had a vulnerability and they blocked the website and we were asked to provide a scan to prove that the site was clean of any malicious apps. We did submit the scan as perfectly clean and Google is now reviewing the site to bring it back online.

Talk about bad timing - with the bad press coming out over the weekend and now our website and emails being down ... that sort of reinforces the rumors which is unfortunate to say the least - since we are all here working hard everyday to make and ship filament.

So, you should be up to speed now.... I just wanted to reach out and give you all a way to get in touch with us... we have a work around email at [email protected] and we can work with you to provide a FULL refund for anything you are missing - please just email us with your order number and what you are missing from that and we'll get you a full refund right away.

The January 3D Geek Box is shipping out today and you should be getting an email with tracking info very soon this morning.

Right now we have our sister website up and operational at www.filamentgeeks.com and we are running filament today and will have some stock and colors building back up slowly as we try and move through this.

I just want to tell everyone that I apologize for letting this get so out of control; as the founder I know the blame lands on me fully - I know many of you love our filament and have enjoyed our service and I hope we can rebuild and re-start so we can keep bringing you great spools and filament made in the USA.

Joshua b Smith


I have no idea what Google and Shopify have to do with one another, or WTF he's even talking about.

Reads like he's venting with his staff more than he is providing reassurance to his customers. He really doesn't understand the implications of Google blocking his website (and online shop) or a complaint with the BBB. Like it has been stated in this thread already, why have these sales when you can barely keep up with demand. Definitely something going on behind the scenes.

Taking a look through the whois icann information available for makergeeks (dot) com, I can see that the domain registrar is Google. The new domain, filamentgeeks (dot) com lists a registrar of tucows inc.

I'm not sure what to make of this information.

It's been speculated that this changed in domains is to circumvent legal retribution.

I responded to him with a kindly GFYS. Once bit twice shy, as they say.

I got the email too. I understand that they had issues keeping up with production, that's understandable for a new company... What I don't understand is why they ran constant sales from before Thanksgiving through Christmas. I would think if there were 2 months worth of back orders that they would halt sales/promotions and try to get caught up. I didn't experience any quality issues. That's another issue all in its own.

That smells like a load of horse shit to me. They're getting sued by some 'SK chemicals America' company. My thought is that's their supplier for raw pellets and they didn't get paid. Yeah, 'production issues' indeed. If I had to guess, it was a last ditch ponzi to gather more money before shit really hit the fan. The last docket entry says satisfaction of judgement and the entry is from 11/14/2018, around that time they did all that advertisement didn't they?? Hmmm.... I'm no where near the sea but I sure as hell smell fish. Now it seems like he's trying to cover ass and recoup customers to continue his charade.

The suit was filed in December of 2017.

Here is the docket number for that lawsuit. 1731-AC09153 - SK CHEMICALS AMERICA INC V MAKER GEEKS MAN (E-CASE)

The full listing can be found at courts.mo.gov/casenet/searchDockets.do with that docket number or SK chemicals as a search term.

I ordered a reel of PLA from these guys years ago and it jammed up all the time. At first I thought it was just our printer being picky (it was going through a lot of upgrades and maintenance) and didn't think much of it. Then, when I went to leave a review of it on their website, thinking maybe I'll get a response and they'll explain what I'm doing wrong, the site ate it. It almost acted like I'd crashed the page. Now, seeing all this, I feel assured didn't buy them beyond that one problematic reel.

My most recent order of PETG, which arrived after 3 months of emails, did in fact have a few bulges. Irritating, ruined some prints.

My most recent order, with their Black Friday 50% off sale was cancelled by them. I inquired why, they said they were unable to fulfill the 55,000 kg's that were ordered but would let me know when their PETG was back in stock. So when I got the email I ordered even more PETG, as I was told to add the "THEBIGONE" discount in the comments of the order. Again, they have cancelled my order. I inquired why, and they said their new policy is that if an order doesn't ship within two weeks it will be cancelled. Huh? They also said they would re-instate my order, which they have NOT.

F*ck them.

Their new pricing is tempting though. $18.55 for any roll, any material, 1 or 10,000.

They did say that their new injection molding line for spools was the hold up. They have had problems, and didn't order spools as their plan was to produce their own.

When I could get their filament, I liked it. But seeing as how they are only in the advertising of filament, and not in the actual selling and shipping of filament, I can't convince myself it is worth waiting for a product that they really aren't selling anymore.

Bro, I don't blame you for suggesting MG. They were a good choice... for a while.

My new go-to's, I mainly print in PETG so all these companies sale PETG:

Gizmo Dorks: https://gizmodorks.com/
Man they offer a lot of different materials!!!!

3DxTech: https://www.3dxtech.com/
Expensive, incredible filament, lots of materials and CF everything!!!!

COEX: https://coexllc.com/
Decent price, good filament.

3DSolutech: http://www.3dsolutech.com/
Good filament, alright prices.

Atomic: https://atomicfilament.com/
Good filament, kinda expensive.

3DFuel: https://www.3dfuel.com/
Expensive, interesting materials.

MatterHackers: https://www.matterhackers.com/
Mostly a reseller, but have their own line of filaments. Decent prices, good filament.

How about everybody shares their favorite filament manufacturers now that we have all been burned by MG. No resellers, unless they make their own line of filament.

I used to use Polymaker almost exclusively (I still do for my personal printers), but for my work I lobbied for Colorfabb as we wanted to start printing in more resilient materials, and they haven't let us down yet. Plus, their bulk pricing is extremely convenient.
We also used eSun for a time, and while they're not the worst (compared to the others, they're a damn good value), the only advantage they had over Colorfabb was a wider variety of colors. Now, we don't bother color-coding anything and Colorfabb expanded their palette, so the matter's academic.

I really like using eSun on my own printers. Been one of the nicer filaments I've used, and the color variety for PLA and PETG is great for what I need. My work uses Premium Raised3D filament and they run really nice, but are priced higher than my liking. I've thought about going to Colorfabb, maybe when my supplies run low.

iPrint, Amazon Basics

I've had good experiences with 3D solutech. I only got my last order of PETG after a ton of emailing too. The thing that really bugged the shit out of me was that this last one is marked as fulfilled. I figured I'd order PLA this time since PETG was too much for them to handle. Were your bulges also around that 2.1 mm mark? Sure wasn't easy trying to capture the difference of 0.3 mm out of spec.

I also liked 3d solutech

No, my bulges were obvious when I saw them... after they caused a problem. 2 in one roll, easily twice the nominal size ~4mm. They actually jammed up my extruder at the PTFE tube before it entered the extruder or gear due to the inability to even fit through the PTFE tube. If I had inspected the whole roll (who would do that?!?!?) I would have seen the bulges without any calipers or anything.

1 roll, 2 bulges... still unacceptable.

A few years ago, Makergeeks was a pretty good source for reasonably priced material. I was one of the early subscribers for their monthly box, and bought material both for may personal printer and for work. Within the last 18-24 months, though, their quality has fallen through the floor, and I don't have any plans to buy from them in the future. It's a pity, really.

You're right, it's a damned shame. My first few orders went off without a hitch too. It leaves me wondering just what went wrong.

Those are some terrible pictures. Why did you use the crappiest camera you have to take them? I'm sure there is not a phone out there these days that would take pictures that bad. Don't you have a phone you could have used? Its hard to tell but it looks like there is an evenly spaced pattern on the filament that looks suspiciously like a filament drive gear imprint. Are you sure those bulges are not from you pulling out the filament after a jam? Any time I remove filament to change, the end close to the hot end always has a little bulge on it that looks just like that. Having seen the extrusion process of printing filaments on YouTube many times, I am not sure how the manufacturer could have even made bulges like that on purpose in there filament. Are you sure your not just angry about having to wait so long and now you are not thinking straight about other problems you are having?

My, aren't you a picky little....

You're right, those are drive gear imprints. 25 mm happens to be the length of PTFE liner in the throat of a v6. That means the bulge got caught in the start of the throat. That wasn't the only one either.

I have over three years experience with printing, to say I have an issue that I don't know about is a load of horse sh*t.

If you want to ignore the masses, who for the last year, have been saying what I'm bringing to light here, good, go waste your money. Let's just forget the BBB rating and the 113 complaints because you obviously know everything already.

Not that picky, I really can't tell what's going on. There's just no point sticking your camera or phone closer than it will focus -- no detail is gained, only blur.

Take a look further down where I said why they're shit photos...

Yes I'm quite picky. I also am curious. And I see you have proved you are thinking straight. My apologize for insulting your camera work. But why?? Why not use your phone??

Oh, the camera, that's a cheapy inspection "microscope" I used from eBay to get close ups. My phone wouldn't have faired much better, it's an old android and my hands aren't very stable. It's a hell of a bulge though. I don't mean to say that ALL MGs filaments come out like that, but a couple of the PETG rolls I got had those same bulges along them. The rest about the BBB, instagram and business review sites is entirely verifiable. People are not happy with MGs, that's for sure.

Sorry to have called you the hat of someone's rear end.

I recently had a similar experience. I bought 10 rolls of PLA when they had a sale the other month, and it also took them over 2 months to ship my order. I sent them countless emails, and they kept telling me that they would have my order out in 3-5 days. I can't speak about the quality of the material because I haven't got around to using it yet. I have had mixed success with their material in the past, but for $8-9 a roll I was willing to take a gamble. I too am on the fence about buying any more products from them.

I also signed up for the monthly filament subscription which I was thinking about canceling, but I've read horror stories about it being next to impossible to cancel.

My first thought with subscriptions like this is to change your payment method. Whether you need to issue a new card from your bank/cc company, or something, anything to make the payment invalid when they try to withdraw funds. Do this after taking the time to cancel the subscription through the company and if they give you the run-around, then cut them off.

I think that's going to be my plan. So far the subscription has been decent. They did send out rolls of carbon fiber PLA the other month. On the other hand they boasted about conductive filament, and didn't deliver. Then they sent out vouchers for a free roll of conductive filament, but the product has yet to be made available (I think its been 5 months or more now.)

I can imagine that they received a ton of orders but if they're backlogged they should at the very least contact their customers with honest answers. In the past I've heard the same excuses everyone else seems to get, 'oh, our lines are down, a water pump blew out', or, 'we had an item out of stock for your order, it'll be shipped in 24 hours'. I order the grab bag, it's not like I give two sh*ts about what colors I get. Sorry if I made it seem like I'm on the fence about this. I tore the fence down and stomped on it.

I was ordering the grab bags too because its an excellent deal. I mainly print PLA and I haven't had issues with quality yet. I do think its a bit odd that their PLA requires 235C when most other brands are well below 220C.

I just don't like having to relentlessly bother someone to fill my order for 2 months. The do like to rely on the "back order" excuse. Maybe they shouldn't run sales constantly if they cant keep up with production. With that being said they did send out a mass email a few days ago about a few of their machines breaking down, apologizing about delays.

I am well stocked with over 50 rolls of filament at the moment, but when I need to restock I think I am going to look elsewhere.

I never got such an email. Doesn't matter though, I've disputed the charges before I'm no longer able to.

Thanks for heads up.