Help with getting a model to print

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Hi all, I came across a 3d model of the watch from Metro Last Light and I would like to print it. When it comes to CAD, im a total newbie and Im stuck with parts being transparent in S3D. I have attached the original .OBJ file.
Maybe some of you can get this to work because I sure as hell cant.

Aside from the open surface on the bottom which can easily be closed in Blender - there seems to be mechanical detail inside the watch which is meant to be visible if the face of the watch is transparent. Did you want to print with no top face so that the internal details are visible, or just have a flat surface on the top for the face?

I wanted to print all parts separately so I could actually open it and close it to put electronics in. The top part is supposed to be rendered as glass in game but I dont know how to get rid of it in anything but freecad.

Usually I use netfabb for broken obj and stl files: https://service.netfabb.com/service.php
The fixed part is attached, however I didn't try to print it.

Thanks for fixing the watch for me, however the top cover seemed to get rid of the actual inside that I needed.

It's not complicated to remove/delete the top cover in MeshMixer, and then fix the part again with netfabb.

It doesn't appear to be a closed surface.

Thank you for showing me this tool, somehow I didnt think to use it!

It has a lot of bad geometry. I ran it through Meshmixer a few times.

Use Meshmixer to edit then export as stl.

I have done that more times than I can remember and its still not working
Thanks for the reply tho