Need a cutout in a Thing


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Hey guys!

Is there any one that can do a cut out for me in a Thing? I already asked the creator past few days of the Thing but got no reply yet.

It's this Thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2600020

On the top (playstation_pi_mini_v3_top.stl) is on the left side a fake LED spot. Here I need a proper cutout so place a real LED here. I've tried a bit to do it with Blender but I'm a bloody beginner. Never had any done with Blender.

Playstation Pi Mini V3 (Raspberry Pi 2 + 3 Case)

Like previous repliers stated. Try TinkerCad instead. Blender is a way too far advanced tool for beginners and takes time to master

in the future, you can use tinker cad...

I happened to be free, so I added an LED hole. 
The changed stl file was uploaded as REMAKE.
Does it meet your needs?

-- wow It seems that DorinDXN was a little earlier than me.

What size you want to be the rectangular hole?

The size of the rectangular LED is 2x5mm.

this is with 5.2 x 2.2 mm for LED while the upper part is kept to match the design around 1.8 x 3.95 mm

Awesome! Thank you!

See if this is good, print the small sample