Anybody created a nut for a e27 lamp - Ikea KLABB

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I'm looking for anybody who may know or already did a nur for a E27 lamp. It has an outside thread, see here:

I try to create a nut with for this one to fix a lamp umbrella to it. But I can't recreate the thread with fusion 360. Anybody can help me?


Hello Stani
You can try this , i believe it should fit your need.

Wow! Thanks for the quick response. What kind of thread is this? Will try it right away :)
I tried M28x1,5. I wanted to do something similar for E14 lamps as well

The thread is based on M40x2.5 slightly tweaked for FDM with a slim thread profile. The exterior threading for your E14 lamps is M28x1.5? i was expecting it to be the same as the E27. If you need i can adapt this model to other dimensions, just give me the exact size.

I want to have a nut for E14, that's a M28x2. I created one in Fusion 360, but I doesn't fit. It is to tight.

Did you try the part for the E27 lamp?
It is not very surprising that the part you designed is tight if you directly used the M28x2 thread build in your CAD software. The tolerances used for metal parts are quite hard to achieve with FDM. You can try this design, i believe it should work.