3D printing

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Does anyone have some tips on 3d printing
just started and was wondering
im only 13

Perfect first layer adhesion; start with PLA and branch out into other materials as your skills improve.

always a decent idea to monitor a printer frequently until you really trust it to be reliable or otherwise it may leave you surprises for you to clean up later :)

ok i appreciate all the tips

Print it with the pointy end! ;-)

But, seriously, regardless of age, any beginner might face frustrating surprises. Hell, even after years of experience, one may be facing frustrating surprises! Choosing a reliable, not too fancy printer might be the first important decision.

Yes watch as many U-TUBE videos for your particular type of printer. They will help you out a lot.

If your prints are not sticking to the bed you might need to add something called a raft, a brim, or get better bed adhesion like the previous comment says. Here is a link to a video on it:
Also, I follow a website called All3dp that has loads of good 3d printing articles.
Reply to this comment if you need further help.