3D printing

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I apprecate all the tips given. They were a big help.
right now i am making a 36 hour print.

wtf. what could take so long? could it be done any faster with better settings?

although I had some take 1 to 2 days but I wasn't taking much time to dig through the settings.

so times it takes longer for a more detailed print or for a bigger one.

figured. was curious what & what settings. there may be a way to get it to 2 days. no guarantees. a full 300x300 plate of parts less than an 20mm tall typically takes me 12h or less at 80 to 100 mm/sec. mostly low-ish detail, large parts like my led diffuser ( 80 seems to be max for some filaments i tried but others were capable of at least 100. also low infill but 3 perimeters helps. in PrusaSlicer, support cubic can save a lot of infill time even at 20%. disabling ensure vertical shell thickness is also a time saver. however, bridging speed seemed best at 30mm/s. im using the new 2.5.0 with arachne engine enabled. this also saves time on gap fills.

led strip diffuser