Independent Project Designing a 3D Printer - Ideas Wanted!

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Hey everyone! Hope all is well. My friend and I are college students working on designing and building a 3D printer of our own and want to figure out what problem in the 3D printing world we want to address. We have a decent amount of experience with 3D printing ourselves, but we figured the best way we could get some ideas is by going to people with a lot of experience!

We essentially are looking for something that is missing in 3D printers (FDM printers specifically) or something that could be improved - it doesn’t really have to be anything drastic. We would just like to use this project of ours to do something to improve the 3D printing community and world!

Thank you for your time!

A Printer that can do overhangs better.

A printer that knows if it is working well or not.

a 5-axis printer in open source design based on the mpcnc would be awesome.

the best thing is that you can print something and after you have swapped the head, you can finely mill it.

so you would have the perfect surface

Hi i build printers too, my recommendation is to focus on the most important part of the printer the ( Extruder & Nozzle ) there are more than hundreds of extruders out there but all of them are exactly the same .

picking good settings for PrusaSlicer is often hard. maybe a good AI setting picker is a nice idea. it would need to:

  • examine the parts being printed
  • choose best orientation based on ease of print and strength criteria
  • choose infill, perimeters, top & bottom layers, layer height(s) (there may be more than one), extrusion width, etc.
  • the above based on other criteria. such as use case.