Group Goals

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So here's the idea for this group. I'd like to see us model printable proxies for all the forces in the Net Epic Armageddon compiled army lists. It's not a small project but I think we can do it. We already have a good showing of Space Marines and Eldar, thanks to a couple of members here. I'm going to keep slogging away on the Imperial Guard, probably with Chimeras and Basilisks next. I saw some Tau meshes somewhere too. I think we're off to a good start.

Anyone have IG command prints? I can only find a commissar, no bannermen at all

Thank you

from what it seams a lot of work created by people that are based on Warhammer 40k get 404ed. Is there any protection we can get because they are our intellectual property in theory when we create them, or does everything made resembling GW products have no writes because of copyright laws? If that makes any sense

I'm going to try and get some more Squat stuff on here. I know they basically stopped being relevant around when I was born, but I kinda like 'em, and my dad had some of the old ones. Dwarves. In space! My army list topic's up already, and I added 2 vehicles to the list myself so far. I'm going to try and boost the infantry side of things, as well as some simple 28mm remixes

I have some free time atm- no work right now. Is there anything people really want done?

I could really use some Ork infantry options.

can somebody pls leave a link for a 3d modeling site?

Hi Bianca, i have no 3d modelling experience but i'd like to learn, once ive got a bit of practice i hope to start doing some designs, perhaps the adeptus mechanicus side of things.

Welcome aboard! I'm mostly self-taught too. Tutorial videos can get you up and running in no time. Have fun!

Thanks! Ive had a play around tweaking some existing models on here but nothing new, can I ask what software do most of you use? Ive had a play with vectary but thought id get your two cents

Been using sketchup forever so im biased towards that.... but it (can) be an easier learning curve imo.
Have also learned blender and in hindsight i wish id learned that first.
But for cranking out something simple (i find) sketchup easier.

FWIW, I use the free version of SketchUp. I learned how to use it using the built-in tutorial, then took someone's Rhino design and played cleanup/tweaking with it.

Thanks Wolfkeeper for the reply! I've had a play around in Tinkercad but not in Sketchup, might investigate that too, I've had a play around remixing some models that others have made. So I'm hoping to start designing my own soon once I've got to grips with it a bit more

unless anyone has started it already i'll put an eldar thread hopefully today.

list added. wow epic folk are so productive!! pity there are so few of us :)

suggestion a) many epic models are tagged with "epic" and/or "epic_scale" tags. the later gives a good list so far (8 pages). might be a good idea to use a standard tag for any models participating in the group. personally i'd go with "epic_scale" as "epic" is sadly also used for things people think are really good (and in no way should any fidget spinner or "finger shark" wear the tag epic IMO :) ).

suggestion b) the idea of having all the models is nice of course. however when i model it's because i want to put a model on the table, or much of the eldar stuff i did is requests for gaming buddies. i.e. motivation.

perhaps have a weekly//fortnightly/monthly challenge where...

"the theme is 'imperial guard tanks'
these have models:

these need models:

  • chimera
  • basilisk,
  • manticore,
  • hydra,
  • baneblade,
  • griffon,
  • hellhound"

then modellers pick one or a random one could be assigned to participating modellers who are in for the challenge.
point being that i wouldn't know what to pick given a choice of everything but narrowing the list would help and also be nice research for factions i don't play.
probably wouldn't make it a competition because of stylistic differences; just a 'because you can' challenge.


The tags sound like a great idea. I kinda wondered about the "epic" tag myself, but never did actually search it or look up what it was being used for.

As to the challenge idea, do you think our group members would participate in it?

would people participate? dunno, options include;
a) ask for expressions of interest, which is kinda what this post does ( overwhelming response :) )
b) start a challenge and see who shows up

i'd probably go option b) because at least that way there's progress. i'd certainly be happy to play.

i just search for "epic_scale" and these were the people with models...
stroganoff, ologhzul, kabniel, hariustrk, fbepyon, protochicken, athistaur, yellowsignstudio, tobz, fractalnoise, bustermove, kjdidit, protochicken, kenesthor
might be worth pm'ing them to see if they're interested. 'no' is always a valid option and i've found people on thingiverse friendly enough even if they're not interested in something.

side thought: it might also be worth looking at themes other than just armies, specifically terrain pieces (hills/natural, buildings, bridges, trees etc), rulers and counters perhaps, just to mix things up occasionally.

if you'd like to discuss specifics feel free to PM.

Hi all!
Just wanted to share my own 2 cents:

Epic Scale Emperors Champion Proxy

Thanks for those!

'epic40k' currently brings up no search results on my end, so that could be a good one for our purposes. Does that tag work for you, pw?

Compiling army lists: yes. Lets do those as separate threads so we can update them as we work. I'll cover Imperial Guard. Looks like fractal has a good start on SMs, so I think it'll make sense to complete that one. I'd say Eldar and then Orks or Chaos SMs (many of these could simply be SMs models since theres a lot of crossover) should come next.

Terrain: YES!!! We've got some good buildings, maybe we can try to scale down the rest of the GW terrain (Citadel Woods, Realm Of Battle tiles, wrecked vehicles)

epic40k works for me.

re the army lists... i'm guessing that when a new model is added to the site we drop a link to it in the appropriate army list thread and that will be updated on the first post?

p.s. there are also multiple models available for the same... model already. imo it's worth having all of these on the list. they may be different stylistically but suitable for different printing purposes.

pps i have retagged my humble content to provide some extra content to kick things off.

Allrighty then!
I'll get cracking on the SM army list ASAP. As for "duplicate" models, of course they should be listed -- all the viable alternatives.
And yes, we should pin the posts with army lists, keep them updated with new models and so on.
Will also re-tag my things with "epic40K".