Codex Astartes Space Marine Army List

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A list of all available/viable models for the Epic 40K Codex Astartes Space Marine Army List.
If you have new models, additions, corrections etc. etc. pls leave a comment here and we'll update the list.




Infantry Bases (Epic 40K - 6mm scale)
Epic Scale Emperors Champion Proxy
Marines with Heavy Weapon and Banner
Epic Scale - Enhanced Humans - Heavy Infantry with Cannon
Terminator Stand
Space Marine Hunter Tank for Epic 40k (6mm Scale)
Land Raider
Land Raider Epic sides conversion
by Tobz
Land Raider Epic MK 2B sides and gun
by Tobz
Epic Scale Razorback Proxy
Rhino Variations Epic Scale
by FBEpyon
Rhino transport
Rhino Epic 40K (6mm scale) Remix/rescale 82%
Tank 4 petite échelle
Vindicator tank
Space Marine - Ultima Battle Barge
by MGL89DK
Epic Scale Deathstorm Drop Pod Proxy
Epic Scale - Humans - Fighter Plane
Epic Scale Titan
Epic Scale - Mechanical Humans - Large Walker

Mk2 - Mk7 marine builder kits based on Moonjams figures (cleanup up, normalized, and removed extrusions)

i made a couple of things, one is a rapier laser destroyer and the other is a lascannon arm for the dreadnought if anyone here plays iron hands and wants to convert your dread to a venerable dread

I redid my Deminos (Mk1) Rhino - and intend on redoing all the variants at some point here to a bit more detail

Epic revised v3 RT Era Rhino Transport (Mk1 Deminos pattern)
by ArKayGP

I made a space marine bike model, with some help from chris262

I was able to print it with my anet8 0,30 nozzle

Found a proxy Marauder Bomber for this army list

Epic Scale - Humans - Bomber Plane

Hi, recently mixed some parts to make an Emperor Warmonger Titan kit, based on Imperial knight structure.

Hope you enjoy
Thank you. ;)

Epic Emperor Titan - Class Warmonger upgrade kit
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i know the tag says epic40K [emphasis 40]; given we are grouping some things from non-vanilla codex lists (i.e. emp champ is black templars only, thunderbolt isn't available on all 'marines' lists, similarly many of the specific chapter lists don't get titans).... are we having all marines chapters in this post and what about 30k?

there's a sicarian model by Ologhzul (30k only)

and i'm working on a contemptor dread (30k only)

and while i'm here...
stormtalon by Ologhzul ( which is imperial fists only from memory)

there actually is 3pic 30k rules on the internet, but i havnet read them

to my knowledge, stormtalons arent in epic

Imperial Fists definitely has them, or at least it use to.
and i think some of the other factional lists sub them in instead of thunderbolts.

I am using the "official" army lists from (NetEA Tournament Pack). I was thinking of having different posts for each chapter (Imperial Fists, Space Wolves, etc) -- how about having a separate post for 30K? I'm totally open to suggestions :-) And totally in favor of 30K!

is there another tournament pack ?? :)

just thought i'd bring it up for contemplation, didn't really have an opinion either way. both have pros/cons.
your list, your rules.

sorry i've only read the stand in, because i wouldn't need imperial fist list if im going to play as iron hands

Since I'm not all that familiar with 30K, I'd rather leave the decision to you ;-)
Not MY list (I just happened to "author" it and I guess I'll have to maintain it) but I guess we should come up with some method we all agree on ;-)