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A awesome led circle

by Yaxisme

This is a perfectly fitting light for the ender 3. This is the authors link stephenmirfin.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2910453

Ender 3
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Diagonal lines on my print

by amaral1987daniel

Hi! I getting weird diagonal lines on my print and can't figure it out where they come from! I have try changing the slicer cura, simplify3d, slic3r. I have change the z lead screw for new one, i have rebuild the all machine and put together with more care, i have tighten the belts, i have tune the coencentric nots on all axis, i have try tune pots of steppers drive on mother board, i try fix the stl on many sofware and nothing works. if some can help me i appreciated

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How to print PC in my Ender 3 pro??

by bilymaly

I try to print PC in my Ender 3 Pro but I have warping, I try to printed on the glass and on the magnet surface but finally the warping appears...
I print with 260º the nozzle and 110º the bed.

Some one can help me?

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ender 3 pro bed not heating

by Bignutts

hi my ender 3 pro bed wont heat up ive checked all conections and it also just stops printing only had it 2 days

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Skipping Y steps

by 2B_2B

Lately I'm having trouble with my Ender3 skipping steps on the Y axis. I think it's loosing steps because the nozzle gets stuck between infill. I've already tried tightening/loosening the Y belt. however I do have the problem still. I also noticed I can really easily make it skip steps when putting very little pressure on the bed while the carriage is moving in the Y direction. Is there some way to make the motor more resistant to pressure? Or do I need to check some other fix?

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