How to print PC in my Ender 3 pro??


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I try to print PC in my Ender 3 Pro but I have warping, I try to printed on the glass and on the magnet surface but finally the warping appears...
I print with 260º the nozzle and 110º the bed.

Some one can help me?

Forgot to mention: Hairspray and ABS slurry.

Bed adhesion.

It is a PITA on a good day though. Hate working with ABS and PC...

One little draft....

Magnets won't work at high temps. The heat causes a loss in magnetism. Use a brim to help with warping. I nearly always print with a brim. What filament are you using? PLA, ABS? If you are using PLA you are way to hot. 202 to 210c for hotend and 60 TO 65 for hotbed.

I had the same trouble. A raft can help.
Also saw someone mention that REDUCING the temp on the nozzle can help with the temp drop and reduce warping. Did not work for me though.
I assume you have an enclosure etc. Otherwise start there. :)

Are you using the stock Hotend cover? The front fan, suppose to cool the heatbreak blows a lot of air on the print causing prints to cool rapidly.
Try my alternative design, it improved PET and ABS prints for me.