Extruder stopped mid print, no nozzle jam...

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Hey all,
I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or guidance on this issue. I've taken a look at the G-code and don't see anything out of the norm. Attached is the gcode for if anyone is curious. I'm printing a scaled up Leo benchy and am frustrated is stopped extruding. When I finally came to my printer I could manually turn the extruder while it was still printing. it stopped around layer height 4.8mmand was turning out amazingly otherwise. Yesterday I printed a bell siphon out of the same material with the same settings that limited out on the height.
Using Prusa Slic3r

I'm going to try it again a little bigger. if there's anything else info wise let me know.

Thanks ahead of time
Mike Hood

Did the filament snap, trigger an error, or get stuck? What were your retraction settings? You were using ABS? Did you accidentally add a post-processing script to the gcode? What brand of ABS was it? It takes a lot of information to solve this type of problem.

Oops sorry lots going on and forgot a bunch.

I was trying to post the time lapse. Essentially the extruder just stopped as if in the gcode to stop extruding. No nozzle jam, filament was fine, spool was able to turn easily, printer was ghost printing and material is PETG Neat brand. I recently added G4 P1 at end of layer because I'm setting up octolapse and gettin the pause to take a picture. Like mentioned it worked most of the way though.

I'll search the gcode for specific commands. Did you get an error message?

Quick Notepad ++ gcode check:

M0 No (Pause)
M108 No (Cancel Heating)
M18 No (Disable Steppers)
M112 No (Emergency Stop)
M116 No (Wait)
G29 Yes (BL Touch)
M600 No (Filament Change)

I looked at the gcode in Cura, and the attached files are what I saw. What is the original file? I have never printed a benchy.

just did it again, no jam, no clicking of extruder, just stops the extruder but keeps running the process... weird...

it's not a pre-made gcode. I ran the model through Prusa Slicer. that looks terrible on Cura hahaha.

I'm also reprinting it scaled up 10% more then before and sitting here watching it.

not that I noticed. I went for a bike ride and when I came back it was printing air... Once again it stopped around layer height 4.8mm.

thanks for this.

Is it the same height each time? Try making a thin tower that goes just past that height and see if it stops.

Check the temperature when it stops, and while it is printing air, see if the extruder is moving. What firmware do you use?

Yeah going to try that next, different height. 11.4mm this time.

Have you modified the firmware at all recently?

A while back now. Like mentioned too I printed a 7" tall print yesterday 8hrs of printing no issues... Same software. Only thing I changed was the G4 P1.
I have an MKS Gen L flashed with the unified Th3D firmware.

Do you have an enclosure?

So I tried reprinting it and got further in the print. I think what may be causing this is an overheating stepper motor driver... Could this be the case?

I don't know. I'll look into it. Perhaps I can recreate the problem.

Ok so my plan and some history. A while back I upgraded and moved my MKS Gen L main board to the back of my printer into the teaching tech's all in one case. I had concerns about the air flow because I upgraded to a Noctua fan. So after finding the driver overheating as a potential issue, I opened up the back last night and found the driver heat sink had moved. I went to work redesigning the lid and am currently printing a second version (first one the y axis V slot wheels hit the new fan enclosure). I've designed the new lid a little beefier with a fan mount and shroud on top.

OK. I also have a Noctua fan, and it hasn't caught on fire (yet), so I think it's fine for now. Maybe something came loose while you were replacing the board or enclosure, like the extruder's cord, and it disconnects when the z-axis is high enough.

Alright final update because I'm back in business.

I changed the extruder motor wire and that wasn't it. Like mentioned before, better cooling on the board which also wasn't the solution. I finally updated the firmware to the newest TH3D (which my previous version was only a few months old) and it has seemed to have fix the problem. Holy man what an adventure...

Thanks again for the help CactusHamster!

A bit of an update. The print failed again even with better cooling over the stepper motor drivers. Now time for troubleshooting.

Don't remember if I mentioned it but I upgraded to the micro swiss direct drive extruder and hot end. At the time I couldn't get the stepper motor extension cables so I extended them myself. I don't doubt my abilities but this will be a cheap fix to eliminate one potential problem. i also purchased a 5V noctua fan to replace that bloody noisy original main board fan.

Once than stuff is done I will update with my results.

Hahah o yeah my heat bed wires cam lose! I had that almost issue. Had to replace the fitting there, luckily i caught it.

So original main board fan is installed onto my newly designed case lid. I'm going to post the design as well for others to use.

Started the print and so far an hour in. Fingers crossed!