So here's what I'm thinking

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After X-mas I bought a 3018 Pro CNC machine and quickly realized I needed a 3D printer (Ender-3) so that I could add limit switches. I've using PLA for all my prints and it' been working out pretty well. The big problem is I bought the large spool of black not realizing just how long it takes to go through that much filament. I'm new to 3D printing so my projects have been small and now I'm finding out that my filament is getting brittle mostly because it's in the garage and I live in Florida.

I'm in the process of building a storage box out of a plastic cereal storage container, I ordered some extra bowden tubing and connecting fittings. My thought was to run tubing all the way from the storage box to the filament input side of my direct drive extruder. I was going to drill and tap the hole where the filament normally enters the extruder so that I could thread on the tube fitting. That way the filament would not be exposed to the hot, humid Florida air. I edited a picture of a standard direct drive like the one I have to look like what I'm thinking of doing. I also found a picture of an extruder with fittings on each side, kind of like what I want to do. Any thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? Am I asking for trouble? I would love to hear you thoughts.

The extra friction in the longer bowden tube may cause issues with your extrusion rate and retractions. Make sure you run a full set of e-step calibration and retraction tests before getting into any actual printing