A awesome led circle

by Yaxisme

This is a perfectly fitting light for the ender 3. This is the authors link stephenmirfin.

by THUG3d
Ender 3
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Skr mini v3 install issues

by Northern_bees

I just installed a Skr mini v3 into my Ender3 v2 triple checked all connections then powered on. The cr touch cycles then turns red and there are no fans nor does the screen light up. It does emit a sharp constant tone though. Not too sure how to proceed. I could use some help in diagnosing the issue.

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Extended z on ender 3 v2. Wavy

by psi3000

I have a ender 3 v2 that I extended the z axis on. Now I get wavyness on the X axis only even if I print real slow. Any help would be appreciated. Only other mod is a bl touch v2 that works great.

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freestanding lcd base

by Kraftattacker

does anyone know a freestanding base for the ender 3 lcd????

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AC bed heaters finally on the way for the Ender 3/3 Pro/5!

by monkeyman40

Hello everyone.
I have worked with Keenovo for a few months to try and have Silicone AC Bed Heaters produced for our hot beds. They have shipped me the first test unit which will arrive tomorrow for me to try on my Creality Ender 5. I will video record the units (2nd is for the Tevo Tarantula, the other unit I attempted to aid in the production of) and capture all results. If the sample units are exactly shaped and spaced expect production to begin extremely soon for as much. The result will be far faster heat up times, more uniform heating and far higher temperatures for our heat beds (finally! No more waiting 22 minutes for a mere 110°C that isn't uniform across the bed). The Keenovo Silicone AC bed heaters produce uniform heat across their entire surface, reach extremely high temperatures (the unit on my CR-10S can reach 381°C and do so in only 4.5 minutes versus our Ender DC beds which are not uniform, won't go over 110°C and take 30 minutes to get there).
I will video record the heater and it's fitment, function and any and all possible problems the unit may have. If you'd like to see that video please reply with YES as your first line with all other responses and questions below that line.
This will also benefit us as the Solid State Relay doesn't draw anywhere near the current the DC bed does so that the current saved can be used by our motors and nozzle heater. Finally the Creality Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 will be able to print in Polycarbonate, Nylon and other very high temperature filaments as the bed will be able to reach and hold temperatures required for as much, plus the additional available current will enable our nozzle heaters to reach the much higher required temperatures!
Great news for we Ender 3/3 Pro/5 owners.

Creality_Ender_5 Ender Ender_3 Ender_3_Pro_Upgrade ender_3_upgrade ender_5_upgrades
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TruLev 600 & Bullseye not levelling bed proper;y - HELP

by Dingz_

After watching Teaching tech's video on this new ABL i thought why not go for it as it seemed very simple and easy way to add without having to do any wire cutting or soldering etc.

I fitted the Mod with the stock fan and flashed the firmware and everything seemed to be working great, first layers were coming out perfect no more headache about bed levelling anymore. I had printed the Bullseye fan duct and had been meaning to fit it. So i printed out the new ABL mount and then fit the Bullseye, reflashed the firmware with the new ABL offsets. But now after calibrating the sensor 1mm off the print bed it would be constantly printing at an angle. On the left hand side of the build plate it would sit at the correct height (mid air as i had calibrated it above the build plate) but as it moved to the right hand side it would gradually angle and drive in to the print bed.

After some tinkering and hours of pulling my hair out about whats going on i still cant get to the bottom of it. I took apart the Bullseye and rebuilt the stock fan shroud and reflashed to the OEM offsets, i thought maybe i had done something wrong with the Bullseye incorrectly but the OEM would print fine and there was no issues in bed levelling and act as it should. Strange i know. So i took that apart and and refitted the Bullseye and low and behold the same issue.

Maybe somebody has run into the same issue ?? if someone can please help that would be much appreciated its driving me absolutely nuts !!!

NB: I have attached images of the Bullseye set up and also the bed level test to show the angle in which it was printing from left to right.

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epic mods like printing the aͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣ

by War_Robot_Doge_on_YT

epic mods like printing the aͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣaͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣͣ look at my profile

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Displays for control panel Ender 3 and BIGTREETECH TFT35 V1.2 TF

by Michal0082

Here I have made a display case for Ender 3 display and SKR TFT 3.5.
They are prayed for use with where only the left box is adjusted to be as large as the right one.
These boxes fit on the BIGTREETECH SKR 1.3

Display cases for Ender 3 and BIGTREETECH TFT35 V1.2 control panel TFT 3.5 v2
Ender 3 MKS + RPi cases
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Ender3 Built for ABS

by BlueMacGyver

Ender3 Built for ABS
This is a video of my Ender3 which is built for ABS w/Glass enclousure -

Here are all the features:

Glass Enclosure

WIFI Capable

E3V6 Hot End

Glass bed

Multiple Power Supplies 12v/24v

Stepper Motor Dampners

NON Integrated Stepper Drivers

MKS Gen L V1.0 Controller Board

Bigger Controller Board Fan

Newest Marlin Firmware

Individual Control for Fan on Controller

2 - 5150 parts cooling fans

Pet's Fang Shroud

40 inch Wire Harness

Separate PCB for the PS on Heated Bed -24v

All new Nema 17 Stepper Motors -12v

Capricorn Bowden Tube

Temp Control Unit (Thermosat) for Heated Air

All Electronics Outside the Enclosure

Custom Stand for Spool Holder

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Ender 3 enclosure.

by Marvmania

Here you can find my Ender 3 Enclosure =)

Enclosure/ Umhausung Ender3 Pro
CR-10 Creality creality_ender_3 enclosure Ender_3 Gehäuse housing LED led_strip
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