Ender3 Built for ABS

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Ender3 Built for ABS
This is a video of my Ender3 which is built for ABS w/Glass enclousure -

Here are all the features:

Glass Enclosure

WIFI Capable

E3V6 Hot End

Glass bed

Multiple Power Supplies 12v/24v

Stepper Motor Dampners

NON Integrated Stepper Drivers

MKS Gen L V1.0 Controller Board

Bigger Controller Board Fan

Newest Marlin Firmware

Individual Control for Fan on Controller

2 - 5150 parts cooling fans

Pet's Fang Shroud

40 inch Wire Harness

Separate PCB for the PS on Heated Bed -24v

All new Nema 17 Stepper Motors -12v

Capricorn Bowden Tube

Temp Control Unit (Thermosat) for Heated Air

All Electronics Outside the Enclosure

Custom Stand for Spool Holder

For those interested in BlueMacyver "built for ABS", unless you install the MKS Gen L V1.0 board as listed above, as shipped Ender 3's only have the circuit board fan running when the parts cooler fan is running and I believe most print without the parts cooler fan to cut down on warping.

Yes, you could print without the MKS Gen L, but you won't have as much success. The original ender3 controller board is junk and the single power supply isn't enough. On a long enough time line the power supply breaks. The parts fans do need to be dealt with though, you are right, static air is best- zero air movement. ABS is a very aggravating material to use and getting the environment just right is a must.