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Want to buy a Fabrikator mini II

by Maboo

Any condition. Need it as back-up or spare parts for my other one.
If you have one either barely used or non-working please contact me.

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New Filament Guiding Tube

by cappy0815

Hey guys,

I have different problems with my Tiny Boy Fabrikator mini v1

Do you think this ebay-item is matching the printer?

Thanks for your help.

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Latest Firmware Source for the Fabrikator Mini 1.5?

by reibuehl

Hi all,

is there a repository where I can find the latest firmware source code for the Fabrikator Mini 1.5 with heated bed add-on?

Is there a current version of Marlin that works with the printer?


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28byj-48 compatible?

by Speedo99

I bought one of these recently but it came with no working stepper motor for the xyz axis and i have a couple of
28byj-48 i can get for free from a friend. Do you guys think replacing the nema 11 with 28byj-48 be a good way to get it running? Expect for the extruder motor that is working fine

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Fabrikator Mini Can't Connect On Mac Problem|Anyone still there?

by Jakinwhale-on-Youtube

My fabrikator mini 1.5 will not connect to repetier anymore! It says "Couldn't open port for device None"! Please help me fix this problem so I can get printing again!!!!!!

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