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Looking for contact to the ex-Google group

by _Hauke_

Hi Fabtotum group,

I bought a used Fabtotum Personal Fabricator, and I seem to just have missed the opportunity to join the Google group, which is now locked and closing down for Google discontinuing the service. Still, I'd like to get in touch with the people there, not the least since some of the Fabtotum developers are there. Are any here also? If anyone can help me joining this group I'd be glad.



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Is it worth it?

by TheDarkHood

Hey guys, I've been on the fence about getting the Fabtotum and was wondering what you guys thought of it. It sounds really good but it's hard to find people who actually bought it as there are so few of you. If I should stay away, let me know, otherwise, I want to invest in it. I do plan to use it for more than 3d printing so if you can share any experience with scanning, milling, or PRISM it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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