Is it worth it?

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Hey guys, I've been on the fence about getting the Fabtotum and was wondering what you guys thought of it. It sounds really good but it's hard to find people who actually bought it as there are so few of you. If I should stay away, let me know, otherwise, I want to invest in it. I do plan to use it for more than 3d printing so if you can share any experience with scanning, milling, or PRISM it would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have only used it for 3D-printing so far but I love the idea that i can use it for so much more and I probably will in the future.
However, I have a friend who bought a printer for about half the price and usually achieve better print quality with his printer than the Fabtotum does (I use the old hybrid head). Also the Fabtotum community is as you say small and I have read many bad things about the support.
With that said, I am happy with my Fabtotum but I probably wouldn't buy it again. Also when I bought it it was cheaper (Indigogo backer) but it took 1.5 years until i received it. The production is probably up to speed now but it could be worth checking before placing an order.

Good luck!

My experience is more than positive , the only thing that you should take , and the version with the print head V2.

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