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Welcome to FAIL

by mathgrrl

This group is about design and print failures, and how to iterate designs and settings to make them work. Laugh at what went wrong and share advice on how to get it right.

P.S. This isn't a group about complaining, it's a group about design iteration.

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Rescue when failed a print

by jlguil

I you have a clogging in a print, or you ran out of plastic befor the print is done: there is a trick!!!
But it very simple: If it was a small print: reprint it

But if 12 h print stops after 11h30, you may want to try this!

Don't turn off the printer you need the z position of the printer without having to home it.

Use any printer controller like pronterface or repetier, or the lcd knob of the printer to find out the z height where it stopped. Leave the nozzle to this height and keep it in note.
For exemple it is at z = 1,6

Open gcode with notepad (in windows, but there is probably a similar app for mac or linux)

Use ctrl-f and search for the height where it stopped. For this example, it stopped at 1,6mm

search for "G1 Z1.6" , then push enter.

This will highlight the place where the layer changes to this z height. It might imprecise: like 1.61 or 1.58 choose the closest G1 Z** point.

This will be the point where you want to restart the gcode.

I you want to remember this point, the tricks is to add some enters just before this line. It makes a space that will be easier to find later.

Then you want to keep an introduction that homes only x and y and set temperatures and all that needs to be set.

You'll search for "G28": it homes all axis. You'll change it for "G28 X Y" because you don't want it to home z, as it is already at the good height.

Then keep some of the following lines until you see the line G92 E0. This is the last line of the introduction that you'll keep.

So All what is after G92 E0 and the point of the # 4 should be erased.

I suggest a trick that is faster to select and erase what you want: cap + page down/up, then when you are close to the second point you can keep use cap but use the up down arrow.

When what you want to erase is blue, press delete.

Hope it helps someone.

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Fail Timelapse

by MaximSachs

Post all the time lapse videos of failed prints here, often there are some interesting patterns and behaviours to observe once thing diverge from the plan..

Here is a video of what happens if a tall slender object gets detached from the platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyZuxMf6R4A

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