What type of extruder......

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so I've been on this 3d printing thing for about 6 months now and I built my machine and tuned all the setting and such and am getting amazing prints but would like to en corporate flexible filaments but I'm realizing that my air Ripper extruder is letting the filament just bunch up in the extruder housing, any suggestions

I have a Maker Gear M2. I had the same issues when I first tried to print the flexible materials. Material would just wrap or bunch up in the extruder housing. I got frustrated and put everything aside for a while and did some thinking about how I could get around the problems I was having. I wanted to not ruin my machine for other materials or have to change out the whole extruder system.
Main thought I had was to change my extruder geometry down to the material has no where to go but out. If that did not work then I was going to move on to a concave extruder gear too(found my strait gear was just fine).
See my design below for My M2. The entrance and exit to the filament path has to be VERY tight. The bearing has .2mm to any point in the rest of the housing. I also increased the angle of the exit ramp to 20deg. I was thinking that that might make changing filament more challenging being a smaller target to hit but I don't think i have ever since installing this extruder I have had a mis-feed since. It prints every material i have put down it like a boss!


M2-Extruder tighened up throat for Flexible materials