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Fully printable version

by 0707070

Congratulations on this clever design. Can't wait to see it in action, but first need to get the metal parts.

The advantage of having a version that is entirely 3D printed is that one could immediately start building it without having to order bearings and visiting a hardware store for the screws and nuts first.

I wonder whether using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2516471 3D printed bearings would work, in which case we just would need to find a solution for replacing the screws with something 3D printed.

3D Printed Bearing (without balls)
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Central Geometry of the #FilamentCarousel

by BensHacks

To support the development of custom versions of the FilamentCarousel I provide the internal Geometry of the hub, the bearings an their mount.

About the Files:

  • "Bearing 3x608.step" contains, as the name implies, the bearings.

  • "Hub.step" contains the shape of the hub released in the initial designs. The basic geometry of this works flawless. I see no reason to ever change this. staying wit this geometry is key to keep compatibility for the future.

  • "Cavity M5 Nuts.step" represents the design of the initial versions. Three metric M5x20 countersink screws and M5 nuts are needed. Coming by this stuff might be more ore less annoying. But this model has the is quite lean, witch makes working with the model easier.
    Upcoming models will use the threaded versions.

  • "Cavity M5 Threaded.step" replaces the nuts by integrated threats. This not only helps to build sleeker designs, it also gives more flexibility in the choice of the screw length. It will work from 10 to 20mm.

  • "Cavity No10-24 Threaded.step" replaces the metric M5 screws with No. 10-25. The length can vary between 3/8 and 3/4 inch. Since the unc treats are easier to print in comparison to M5, I see no need for using nuts here.

  • "Support for Bearing Pins" contains the support needed to print the bearing pins. No additional support is needed. This support is integrated with all models I have published so fare as separate shells. If you need to, these shells can also be removed from the stl files.

Have fun! But don't forget to add your designs to this group.

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Clamps for Top Mouting on i3 Style Printers

by BensHacks

To support custom clamp designs I am sharing the dimensions of my original designs. These designs are used in the initial designs http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3559323 and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3542220 .

You can use these dimensions to create custom mounting brackets for several printers.

The all dimensions are shown in the pictures but in short:

  • The mounting holes in the base are fitting M5 bolts.
  • They are 70mm apart and 6mm beneath the upper side of the base part.
  • The rebate on the back of the base part is 4.5mm deep
  • The countersink is done by an 2.75mm chamfer

A clamp design to fit open build profiles is highly needed!

Make sure to observe the general guidelines mentioned in die description of this forum.

Filament Carousel
Direct Sample Dispenser
#acrylic aluminium frame prusa_i3
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3D Print Works

by BensHacks

3D Print Works (https://3d-print-works.com/pages/masterspool-refills) is a scotch based manufacturer with a strong focus on MasterSpool. They are providing a brought range of PLA and also PVA as refills.

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by BensHacks

Procatec is a other German based manufacturer. They are providing their whole portfolio of ABS, HIPS, PETG and PLA as refills (https://procatec.de/produkte/). Shipping is preferred to Europe for now. If you are outside Europe you should to ask.

Since the stuff is incredible cheep, dose some one has experience with it?

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