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Manual bed leveling guide for Flashforge Finder using Simplify3D

by tarpaper

Hey Finder users!
I got some problems with the bed leveling and nozzle height.
So I created this guide to help others with my experiences.

Hope you like it!

bed_leveling flashforge flashforge_finder guide nozzle_height
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Marlin for Flashforge finder


My Board is dead n my finder So I'm planning to replace it with a SKR mini as it's about 1/3 the price of a replacement board.

Does anyone have a marlin firmware for the finder?
Does anyone know of any blogs etc where they have added a new motherboard?

I'm looking for a start point more than a finished firmware.

Thank you

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Flashforge Finder Error!

by caolum_dyas


I was printing something and my printer just stopped and the LCD screen went black. The extruder kept extruding filament. I had to unplug it from the switch to stop it. The print was only going for 2 hours when this happened. I have added no add-ons to the printer. Could someone please help me?


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