Manual bed leveling guide for Flashforge Finder using Simplify3D

by tarpaper

Hey Finder users!
I got some problems with the bed leveling and nozzle height.
So I created this guide to help others with my experiences.

Hope you like it!

bed_leveling flashforge flashforge_finder guide nozzle_height
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Marlin for Flashforge finder


My Board is dead n my finder So I'm planning to replace it with a SKR mini as it's about 1/3 the price of a replacement board.

Does anyone have a marlin firmware for the finder?
Does anyone know of any blogs etc where they have added a new motherboard?

I'm looking for a start point more than a finished firmware.

Thank you

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Flashforge Finder Error!

by caolum_dyas


I was printing something and my printer just stopped and the LCD screen went black. The extruder kept extruding filament. I had to unplug it from the switch to stop it. The print was only going for 2 hours when this happened. I have added no add-ons to the printer. Could someone please help me?


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Strange layer separation

by janagn

Hello all,
My finder started creating a very strange layer separation "attitude" randomly during print. Has anybody seen such a thing before?

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Rod Bend due to gravity

by tarpaper

Hi guys and gilrs!

because of the weight of the extruder, my rods bend due to gravity.
So the nozzle heigt at the edges of prindbed is about 0.2/0.4 mm higher than at the center.

If I measure the removed rods, they are straight (enough).

I tested also new rods that are straight. No difference.

Has anybody a solution?

Or can anybody tell me how to flash Marlin to copensate this (maby with mesh leveling)?
The pictures show the board of my printer.

finder flashforge flashforge_finder Marlin MarlinFW marlin_firmware rods
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