Rod Bend due to gravity

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Hi guys and gilrs!

because of the weight of the extruder, my rods bend due to gravity.
So the nozzle heigt at the edges of prindbed is about 0.2/0.4 mm higher than at the center.

If I measure the removed rods, they are straight (enough).

I tested also new rods that are straight. No difference.

Has anybody a solution?

Or can anybody tell me how to flash Marlin to copensate this (maby with mesh leveling)?
The pictures show the board of my printer.

You sure it's no the print warping up? The finder has a very light print head, highly unlikely it is bendinding your rods. Try the same print with a raft and check the difference. Also What temperature are you printing at? PLA may be rated to print at 215C but will also print as low as 175C.

It's a while ago but I think the weight of the x rods and the printhead is about 2kg.
Many anyone can confirm that?

Yes I get huge warping but the reason seams to be the gravity bended rods.

I measured it with my dial gauge.

I wonder how I didn't found anything about my problem with the FF Finder at the whole internet.

I have had my finder for about 8 months now and have printed over 1500 hours on it. It was a store return and the only issue I have had was clogging due to ambient temperature. 2kg (about 4 pounds) seems fairly light and unlikely to warp a pair of steef rods. I could see a possibility of driving the print head into the bed causing a minor warpage but, even that is unlikely with the springs under the platform. Show me some more picture of your machine with your gauge so I can see the issue.