Marlin for Flashforge finder

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My Board is dead n my finder So I'm planning to replace it with a SKR mini as it's about 1/3 the price of a replacement board.

Does anyone have a marlin firmware for the finder?
Does anyone know of any blogs etc where they have added a new motherboard?

I'm looking for a start point more than a finished firmware.

Thank you

the marlin is not the problem you can configure one version

the temperature sensor is strange because its a thermopar type K

the screen is the bigger problem

Thank you

last time I looked at Marlin which was some years ago. Marlin supports one thermocouple via a daughter board. failing that I can drill out a metal standoff and use a thermistor. As for the screen I plan to use an SKR mini as a mother board with the BTT 3.5 inch touch screen. the LCD is the same size as the FF finder's LCD so should only need minimal adjustments to the frame to make it fit.

I was hoping that some one might have created a version of any open source firmware to give me a starting point rather than having to reinvent the wheel.

The length of movement on each axis, the location of the build plate etc just to give a starting point. I could then put that in to a marlin set up and tweek it If not it will just take a bit of extra time.