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Lack of Parts

by TheRobotsClub

I can't find any thing that will help on Thingiverse, can someone point me in the right direction?

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FRC Wild Swerve drive

by mfalk

Has anyone tried using this on an FRC robot?

Sehome Swerve Drive 2
by LoboCNC
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Battery Charging Stations

by maxnz

Our team, 2855, is looking into building a battery charging station and we need ideas, thanks

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Velocity Vortex

by thunderjman

What do ya'll think of the new FTC game for this year. Any ideas on what ya'll are going to build???

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Pit Design: Help Needed

by thunderjman

Hello. If you are familiar with First Robotics, then maybe you can help us. I am from team 1912 from Louisiana and we are trying to create a pit design for a 10ft x 10ft base with 9ft of height. And, of course, the front has to be open to walk in and out of. We would also like it to be foldable using this 80/20 material: https://8020.net/shop/25-2525.html . We would also like it to fold each bar at a halfway point, so 60 inches. Each full 120 inch bar should also be separate from the others so that we hook the bars together to complete the full design. Can anyone help us?

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