My First Make

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What was the first thing you ever printed and why? How did it go? Tell the story of your first make.

That i printed was a smartphone case because i wanted to know if my design was right and it resulted to fall in parts.

case for ZTE Open C (TEST 2)
by I_am_me

My first make was a part for grinder. My grinder was broken. First I drew in the program SketchUp. It was very difficult for me.
The program includes 123D design all turned out fine.

part for grinder

A friend of mine and I decided to print SpongeBob.

It was not easy to do it, the hardest part was the cleaning. When plastic gets hard, it takes quite a lot of patience to clean it and you have to be very careful not to cut yourself. He was painted with special paint, so the final result was good!
You can get more info here:!part?name=SpongeBob+SquarePants&model_id=2171

For the next model, we will try to do something more decorative or technical, but also easier to clean from all that plastic support. Do you guys have the same problem with all that support plastic, too? What do use to clean it? We used one thicker knife and pliers. Also, found it tricky, because you can break some thin/weak parts when removing support (like his legs and arms, in this case).
Hope you like it, thank you!

SpongeBob SquarePants
by Dape

I first printed the ball in a box. I loved this print because it made me realize the power of 3D printing: I could somehow magically fit a big shape inside a smaller shape!

Ball in a Cube - Amazing

My first make was a customizable embossing stamp with a flower on it for my daughter. It came off the printer as expected, but didn't emboss as it was supposed to.

The first "Thing I Made" was iPad Mini + Apple Wireless Keyboard Holder by raychaser. The first couple of times I tried to print it, I set it up the long way, which meant you needed supports in the middle, and cleaning them up was impossible. Then I realized I could print the holder on its side.

I leave it in my bag and carry it with me all the time. (Actually, it's the second one I printed — I gave the first one to a friend.) I used it this morning. Much better than buying the accessories on the market or a new laptop.

Customizable Embossing Stamp
Ipad Mini + Apple Wireless Keyboard Holder
by bdeskin

My first (and still favorite) 3D print was emmett's pre-assembled secret heart box ( It prints in one piece, fully assembled, with moving parts, and you can customize to add initials! This really helped me understand the significance of desktop 3D printing and its implications in design, engineering and beyond.

Preassembled Secret Heart Box
by emmett

The very first thing I ever (mostly) successfully printed was a cube on a cupcake. (this was a giant cube that took hours not a sane 20x10 calibration cube which I think it predates)

I even have pictures (and video!) at:

The video is particularly funny because I had the end gcode incorrect, so just as it finished printing, the nozzle proceeded to bury itself into the print, grind and knock the platform off and you can hear me completely confused and laughing:

40mm Cube Test Object
by bre

I kind of cheated and got a pre-assembled bot. My first print on a Replicator Dual was a glorified calibration cube
My second print was my first design

Companion Cube Upgrade
by Landru
Gears of War

Going back, way back to March 2011. After building my Thing-o-matic and printing many calibration cubes this was my first print.

I designed it in SketchUp (poorly) and managed to get a successful print on my Automated Build Platform. Turned out pretty good all things considered.

Cartoon Mouse Cookie Cutter
Cartoon Mouse Cookie Cutter

This is actually my 2nd print:
The Lithopane Customizer: was a great beginner project for me. It was easy for me to approach 3D projects from my 2D creative background. The prints themselves have a relatively short print-time so there is plenty of room to adjust settings and iterate.

Leslie Hall Lithopane
Customizable Lithopane

The first thing I ever printed is also the first thing I designed for 3d printing:

I designed this toy car after seeing another one,, that had been printed by a friend of mine who worked at MakerBot and I was fascinated that 3D printers could print fully captured mechanical parts. I became obsessed with figuring out how to replicate that feat and also convinced that I wanted to try to get a job at a 3D printing company.

I designed the car in Blender 3D (which I'd learned because I wanted to figure out how to make video games or animated movies). I remember that it took me a long time because I wasn't used to having to design thinking about overhangs and minimum wall thicknesses.

The first copy of my car was printed by my friend so I could bring it to an interview and then after I got hired it was the first thing I posted to Thingiverse! I didn't know about tolerances when I was designing the first car so the first prints had the wheels fused to the wheel-wells. I did a quick update and the second attempt came out perfect! Afterwards, I figured out how to separate the parts to turn it into a 2-material print,, and I also got feedback that other people had trouble printing it. That's when I fixed my first non-manifold error :) Later, I updated it to be a fully parametric design when Customizer got released:

I'm still totally obsessed with designs that have captured mechanical parts and I'm always looking for interesting uses for that kind of design.

Toy Car with turning wheels
Tiny Toy Dump Truck
Toy Car with captured wheel (Dualstrusion)
Customizable Toy Car with Captured Wheels