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Review of the Foto 8.9

by Jebsonic

We got our hands on the Foto 8.9 to replace our Form 2 for test printing our models, and absolutely loved it! you can check out our full thoughts on the machine here: https://www.printablescenery.com/forums/topic/flashforge-foto-8-9-review/

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Is there anyone let me know length of this screw?

by luxflow

Is this 40mm screw?
if I tight screw, there is gap on top and extrude fail, Is this normal?
should I loose screw?

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Poor prints. I think its mechanical

by Moby58

Hi Guys,

I have a Creator Pro.

Lately noticed the the prints are no were as good as they used to be.

I have been doing some tweaking in Simplify 3d, but not fixing.

There seems to be a slight rattle/vibration coming from the machine, and by look of prints, I think it is a mechanical problem (bearings, etc), but dont want to replace everything.

Have included a picture of latest prints, and interested in any ideas and where to start.

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FFCP 2016, larger (8x10") build plate?

by shocksofmighty

I've seen a number of references to using larger build plates. I'd like to print a piece that is 200x183mm in one go, instead of splitting it up. I cut a 8x10" piece of glass and printed out the corners I found here, but for the life of me I don't see that it is possible to boost the build plate in Y. The Y-stop prevents going back (and there is no way to move it back as the mount stops it) and the sled doesn't move far enough forward to get much more than 10 or so mm past the stock build plate. Am I missing something?

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FF Inventor/Dreamer Belt Tightening

by jorginthesage

Anyone know how I would go about tightening the belts on my FF Inventor? It seems like they clip in and could be advanced a bit, but just wanted to know if anyone had gone down this route.

I’m troubleshooting some ringing and dimensional accuracy issues. They aren’t bad, but they could be better.

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