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X-axis Idler Pulley Spacer

by mfazio_science

Somehow the X-axis Idler pulley came loose on my Fashforge Creator Pro. Seems like what happened was the spacer came out or broke under something being misaligned. Anyone know the size of this spacer? or another way to dix this issue

Here is a short clip of the issue:


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Any thought on this after market belt pulley?

by zapta

The left side X axis pulley on my FFCP makes funny noise and it seems that at least one of the bearing doesn't turn smooth. Found this alternative pulley. The company is reputable (got from them pre cut IGUS bushings) but I am not sure if this kind of smooth idler will damage the belt or not.


Any thought?

They also sell it on ebay here http://r.ebay.com/GkJdQo

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Part Peeling from Raft during printing - Flashforge Finder

by Highmarker

Problem: My part is peeling up from the raft during printing. I am getting good adhesion of the raft to the plate, but the adhesion of the part to the raft is what is the issue. I have tried printing directly to the plate (i.e. no raft), but it doesn't adhere like the raft and it peels. I have tried flipping the plate over and printing with painters tape on the glass (still peels up).

Details: I am using 3D Solutech filament (I like the color of their Real White - I can't find it anywhere else: Hatchbox, etc). I have made sure my plate is level and the extruder is at the proper height. I have tried printing hot (210 - 220 °C) and cool (200 °C), both have shown peeling of the part from the raft. I have also tried printing slow (70% of normal print speed) with the same result.

Any ideas? Keep in mind, this is the Finder (No Heated Bed!)

Thanks in advance.

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Disable ‘temperature reached’ music on FFCP?

by DrLex

In the original firmware that came with my FlashForge Creator Pro, the printer only spontaneously played songs when booting up or loading filament, or whenever an M72 command occurred in the print, like in my end G-code. This was all perfectly fine.
After updating the firmware through FlashPrint however, the printer now also plays a song every time one of the heaters (bed or extruders) has reached its target temperature. This is pretty annoying, especially during dual extrusion prints where the heaters change temperatures all the time to prevent oozing. Sometimes even during a regular print, the song will play at random moments because the printer returns to heating mode and then immediately exits it again.

Can someone confirm whether this nuisance is still present in the very latest firmware?
Or is there maybe a simple way to disable this, like toggling an option in ReplicatorG or another tool?
Or is the only solution to make my own build of the Sailfish firmware?

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Cura Profiles!

by Bittercake

I am going too post a flashforge dreamer and creator pro .FFF cura profiles here!
Lemme know if you want the finer!

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