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by SpongebobTheLegend

So my the metal casing that holds the PTFE (Bowden) tube is bent and part of the brass tip snapped off and is stuck in the heating block so now I need a new heating block and a new pipe but the issue is they are special to the finder so I need to find where on the internet these special parts are sold and so far I haven’t been lucky so if you know where I can buy these parts PLEASE tell me!

So you can only buy these parts on FlashforgeUSA.com they are not available on Flashforge.com and you have to select the special type of part when you click on heater block or Aluminium pipe that’s why I was so confused is the picture they display showing you the part is wrong so you just keep on looking but you actually have to select the kind of aluminum pipe and heater block which is very confusing.

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Poor Print quality - Can't figure it out - Any thoughts?

by mikejsmith1985

Hello all I have a powerspec ultra, which is essentially a combination of the creator pro and dreamer... I've installed Flexion extruders and had the printer printing beautifully for a long time. I had a print come off the bed and made a large molten blob around my extruder. I've replaced the thermocouples, cleaned everything up and reassembled. Since then I can't get good print quality to save my life. I went ahead and ordered new bearings, and x carriage, y carriages and essentially rebuilt the whole motion system. I've also replaced the extruder motors with brand new motors. Finally now I'm able to print complete objects without any major failures. I was having under extrusion frequently about 30 mins into a print. Now I'm able to successfully yield this crazy texture in the print surface regardless of extrusion multiplier settings between .7 and 1.2 I've not tried outside of that range and I'm printing with PLA. I've tried temps from 175 - 220 and no change. I've checked and re-checked my belt tension more times than I can count. I've even tried TL smoothers, which I'm not really sure that they work with our drivers but I was desperate… Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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Cooling Fan Issues During Print

by Galactic3D


I recently replaced the original insulation that came with my FlashForge Creator Pro with the flexion extruder silicone insulation (https://flexionextruder.com/shop/insulation-upgrade/). I learned from another post that these would fit on the FFCP heater block. After installing them, every time I attempt to print with the cooling fan the layers of the print begin to not stick together. I have tried increasing the temperature without any luck. The layers stick just fine without the cooling fan on. I would really appreciate any guidance and help.

Thank you!

active_cooling cooling_duct cooling_fan nozzle_cooling
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Extruder Head Centering

by FreyJuan

I'm having an issue where my extruder head appears to be misaligned. Centered prints are not on the center of the build plate. Things that should be near the front or right edge of the build plate have filament being printed off of the build plate. Things are farther from the back and left than they should be. I'm not sure if this is mechanical or in the firmware, I don't believe it is the slicing. I'm using a Creator Pro 2016. Help, please.

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Reocurring issue. Don't know why

by sen2two

I have been having an issue where the print head will go round a part, stop, then turn around and go the other way. It creates a nasty looking surface flaw. (Refer to pics).

I have no cluse how to get rid of this. I use Flash Print because it's just so quick and easy compared to when I use Cura for my CR10. Is this an issue with Flashprint, and can it be tuned out?

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