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Cura Profiles!

by Bittercake

I am going too post a flashforge dreamer and creator pro .FFF cura profiles here!
Lemme know if you want the finer!

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Flash Forge Finder printer digging into bed after leveling

by FatRoger

Hello, I am very new to 3d printing 2 weeks or so. I have been trying a few 3D print and all was fine until last night. the filament broke and jammed the machine. after you tubing the how to I got it cleaned out and started to reprint the project because it didn't stop and finished without filament. I thought it would be a good Idea to level the bed again before starting. when I started to print my model (golf Tees) The printer dug into the bed as it was attempting to print and well I shut it down and here we are. Help

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Tool 0 Failure. Temp limit reached.

by variables

So i bought my printer less than four months ago and now it's a paper weight :( It's a week or two out of warranty so flashforge-usa won't help me out. When i turn the machine on it says "Tool 0 failure. Temp limit reached. Please power off or restart". Tried it, it does nothing.

Someone had suggested i try to replace the thermocouples so i bought a couple off of amazon and just tried them, same error. Is there anything else i can try? I can't really afford to buy a new board.

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Flashforge Creator Pro stopped working right. What part is it?

by giantpune

So my flashforge Creator Pro was working perfectly fine for years. Then I didn't use it for a while. When I went back to use it, I can now heat up either of the extruders or the build plate. But if I heat up an extruder and then start heating up the build plate, the extruder temp will start dropping as the build plate gets hotter and eventually the thing gives up and throw an error. It says check the wiring.

Any ideas for how to diagnose which part went bad? I've got a multimeter and a screwdriver if I need to get inside and measure voltage and continuity and whatnot. But I have no idea where to start looking.

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Extruder (cooling) bar for Creator Pro and Dreamer

by nigelayres

I'm trying to build up a stock of spares for my Creator Pro and amongst that I'd like to have a spare cooling bar for the extruder. Does anyone know whether the one in the Dreamer is the same as the one in the CP?


I can find this for a Dreamer but (as far as I can see) the only option for the CP is to buy a complete populated extruder with all parts - which is overkill.

So, will this work as a spare?


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