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Uneven first layer

by LPSd

Hello, when 3d printing the 1st layer is very uneven. As you can see in the photo some parts are good, some are not. I levelled the bed, but it didn`t help. Maybe need to level it more carefully.

first_layer layer uneven
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Water soluble filament

by mark_chase

I was thinking of trying the water soluble filament for support printing with the second extruder. I was curious if anybody has tried it with the FFDreamer, any success or failure stories? Also, any particular brand preferences anyone may be able to recommend. I’m still a greenhorn with printing as I don’t have a lot of free time to spend doing it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Using TPU filament with Flashforge Finder

by mgraysonc

I like PLA, but I was wondering if the Finder can print using TPU or maybe TPE (some kind of flexible filament). If you can, do you need a heated print bed? I have done some research and can't find that much out. Thanks.

flashforge flashforge_finder tpe TPU
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extruder temprature upper limit

by juntti99

I recently acquired a roll of ASA filament which requires print temperatures between 240-270 Celsius. i can get it to print somewhat well on the blue mat but I´m having issues with layer adhesion. This of course is due to low print temp but flashprint limits me to 248 degrees. I know this is to protect the PTFE tube in the extruder and I have replaced it with a full metal extruder. Is there any way to get past this limitation other then switching slicers?

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Filament problems

by Habor

Hi i have some problems with my filament. after every print i discover that my filamet breaks inside the loadig tube. this breaks the quality of my prints. i buy the deafult filament produced by flashforge themselves. do this happen to others, and how do i fix it?

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