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eSUN ABS Plus on Dreamer, shrinkage

by sen2two

My parts have been coming in undersized enough to be a pain. Not sure if it's something I am doing (or not doing) in Flashprint, or is this normal with ABS Plus?

Is there a way I can get my parts more dimensionally accurate? Scaling before printing?

Print temp 225C, Bed Temp 105c, Exhaust Fan Off

Also, not sure if it matters, but the print in question is about a 21 Hour print. 90% infill.

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Creator Pro - Heated Bed connector smoking

by nigelayres

Last night I discovered that the connector for the power cable into the HBP on my Creator Pro (2016) was smoking and very badly burnt. Needless to say I have disconnected the power. However, the HBP seems still to be working before I disconnected it. It seems as if the problem is with the connector and not the HBP. I managed to find a few postings elsewhere which suggested that this is a known problem.

I need to replace the connectors on both the PCB and the cable. Is anyone able to confirm what the spec of this connector is?


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How to print objects larger than your print volume?

by godxgundam

I have a FF Pro, printing with ABS, and using ReplicatorG with Skeinforge.

I can make basic things, well, anything i want in the build volume. What software can I use that will help me "slice" so to speak, .stl objects so I can print them on my printer.

(I'm trying to make helmets)

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Cracking noise - Creater Pro

by skipberry

When Moving the carriage in the x direction I frequently hear a loud cracking noise. I cannot find the root cause. The belts appear to be fine and not riding up on the rollers. Any thoughts as to what is wrong?

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Fitting common 1 KG Spools inside Dreamer?

by sen2two

After searching on here I got an instant paralyses by analysts. Comment sections miles long on if they did or did not work with 1 kg spools of filament.

For those that have fit 1 kg spools of eSUN filament on the left side of their Flashforge dream, please let me know which one worked without issue.

Thank you!

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