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Minimum layer height on 0.4 nozzle?

by iGameOver

Like in the title, what would be a minimum layer hight for a 0.4 nozzle? Would it be 0.4? Sorry if this is a noobish question, I am still learning the ropes. Thanks!

creator pro top cover assembly

by erkark

any one have file for cnc machine?

i broke it long time ago and want to fix it now

i lived in thailand, there are no replacement kit in thailand for sell

New left single-extruder cooling duct for FFCP

by DrLex

For those who mostly do single extruder prints with the right extruder stepper removed to reduce weight of the carriage:
I've spent quite a bit of time optimizing my left extruder cooling duct with fluid dynamics simulations. The result is the new v3 model, of which I can now be pretty sure that it is good (and the first test prints confirm this). It actually works so well that some precautions need to be taken when it kicks in after the first few layers, see the description.
Maybe I'll run the dual duct through the same kind of simulations some day to see if it can be improved as well, but I think it is close to optimal already and I've also had enough of CFM simulations for a while…

FlashForge Creator Pro left single extruder fan duct
by DrLex

Spool (holder) issue.

by garyd9

One of the nice things about buying a slightly older model 3D printer is that any problem experienced has probably already been experienced and solved by the community. I'm hoping that's the case here as well...

On the back of my powerspec Pro2 (body is from the pre-2016 flashforge creator pro) I'm having a problem with the spool holders using non-flashforge sized spools. The problem isn't that the feed point is too close to the back wall of the printer, as I'm already using a bracket that pushes that out.

The problem I'm having now is that the spool holders are too close to each other. When I have two 1kg spools of "inland" brand filament loaded, the spools actually touch and overlap each other a slight amount. When one of the spools is unwinding to feed an extruder, the contact with the other spool is causing the inactive spool to unwind slightly - which loosens the windings and results in that spool getting tangled.

I can't seem to find any good solution for this problem here or elsewhere. What might be ideal is something that shifts the spool holders away from each other just a couple of centimeters (an inch) and/or something that adds a bit of resistance to the inactive spool so it doesn't unwind so easily.

Searching thingiverse for "creator pro spool holder" results in over 15 pages of results, all of which are either for the newer 2016+ spool holder mounting, completely move the spool holders away from the back of the machine, or are merely adapters for thicker or thinner hubs (but don't seem to help with my situation.)

I'd like to leave the spools at the back of the machine (so I can still use the dome when printing ABS.)

Can anyone offer a suggestion?

Thank you

New User and fist problem about estruder not same level

by lukezab

Hi All,

i'm a newbee about Flashforge creator pro (this is the second printer, the first was a Prusa I3 self-built with an extruder) , arrived today, i calibrate the two extruder with paper and i see this:
the left extruder is calibrate but the right extruder is below 0.1/0.2 tenth of a millimeter and then i test print the right extruder remove the pla.
after four hours of tentative calibration of having left them for another day, I'm not happy.
Have any idea about this difference, or method for level up the right extruder for compared with left extruder.

Thanks in advanced. :-)