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Best support material to use with FFCP?

by electriceye

Title pretty much states it all...been having a really tough time with support materials on my FFCP. I can print great things with ABS or PLA using Simplify3D as my Slicer software. FFCP Upgrades I have made so far include a better filament guide and dual duct cooling fan, both of which seem to work really well. Biggest problems I'm having with support materials are oozing and poor adhesion. If I crank up the temps on the PVA support material the oozing gets out of hand but the adhesion seems better- turn the temps down and oozing seems a bit better but adhesion is not happening. Bed is re-leveled every time I print and the ABS or PLA prints look great, very good detail, no issues. Using the stock FFCP extruders and nozzles (for now) and support materials I have tried include Hydro Support from 3D Fuel and eSun PVA...both of which are causing me major headaches! I would be very curious and grateful to hear how you all are handling support materials on your FFCP. Thanks!

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Been having a problem printing with flashforge finder

by paskettna

I had a problem printing so I changed the heating element and insolation and nozzle fixed the problem. Did not print for one to two weeks tried to print something now won't print again. I did notice that the motor feeding the extruder is making a chucking noise again after if fixed it the first time. If you have a solution please let me know thanks.

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How do you print from Simplify3d to Octoprint on FF Creator Pro?

by shapinator

I recently upgraded printers and software and I have searched high and low for finding this solution. I did see a few potential answers but nothing has worked for me. One got close with installing the Octopi Uploader program on my PC it still didn't work all the way and I primarily work on a Mac. Any help would be appreciated so I can get back to my wireless file transfers. Thanks!

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Sclicing problem

by mluk1

Hello, everybody,
I would like to print the indoor station for a weather station right now. This is all supposed to go through an Arduino. The problem, however, is that the slicer calculates the pressure incorrectly. He wants to print a place I don't really want printed. In the picture you can see what I mean, once before slicing and once afterwards. Have I set something wrong in the settings or is there nothing I can do?
I would be glad about one or the other help

Picture 1: That's how it should be
Picture 2: It shouldn't be like this
Picture 3: It shouldn't be like this

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Finder Profile for Cura Pretty Please?

by raiyneofgailin

Has anyone successfully created a profile for the Flashforge Finder in Cura yet? While FlashPrint is ok, it would be so much more efficient if I just use one software now that I have a CR-10S friend for my Finder. Here's what I have so far:

X (Width): 140 mm
Y (Depth): 140 mm
Z (Height): 140 mm
Build plate shape: Rectangular
Origin at center: Yes
Heated bed: No
G-code flavor: Makerbot???

X min: 20 mm???
Y min: 10 mm???
X max: 10 mm???
Y max: 10 mm???
Gantry Height: 99999999999 mm???
Number of Extruders: 1

I feel like I'm close, but some of these (the ones with ??? on them) I'm just not sure about. Anyone have suggestions?

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