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can't calibrate the Adventure 3

by JoAnnSmot

I've had my Adventure 3 for a couple weeks now. Everytime I go to calibrate the platform it says something totally different. I can get it perfect where an index card slides under with a small amount of tension. Then I run the calibration again and there's a gap the size of the Grand Canyon. Anyone know why it keeps changing on me or what I can do to fix this?

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Experienced Creator Pro user to Creator Pro 2

by Ivorness

Hi all
I love my Creator Pro in combination with Simplify 3D - it's sturdy and prints endlessly - nearly endlessly.
However - my Creator Pro nears end of its life-cycle. I consider to replace it with the IDEX version - Creator Pro 2.
I'm fine with the slightly higher price tag - but I wonder, whether there is any reason not to upgrade, but replacing the creator pro.

Any reason you'd say, why I should not replace it with the idex version? Thnx for any hints, I have overlooked in the reviews and forum about the Creator Pro 2?

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Creator Pro 2 Dual Extrusion

by OwenKelly

Hello, I've been trying for a while now to 3d print this model in 2 colors with my IDEX Creator Pro 2. My issue is is that I have no way of selecting the parts of the model that I want to be printed with a certain extruder. This is where the part where I tried to model. I tried to separate the whole part into 2 models but my lack of 3D modeling abilities didn't help. I've tried Meshmixer, Blendr, and Fusion 360 but I couldn't make any progress with them. I know Prusa Slicer has a drawing option for models but I can't find a working Profile for the Creator Pro 2. So If anyone has suggestions for how to accomplish this I would greatly appreciate it.

3dmodeling flashforgecreatorpro2 Help model
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Print stepping out of alignment

by yeahbutnaahh

Hi there. My employer recently bought a Flashforge Foto 13.3 MSLA printer and I've been trying to figure out how to get consistent prints off it. I ran some test rubber ducks over the weekend, and when I took them off the build plate, I've noticed that they all have this mis-alignment in them. Some are more out of alignment than others, but it's always there.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I used Chitubox Basic to set up and slice the model. I've had more success with it than I did with Flashprint.

alignment foto SLA
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Picking a Slicer and connecting problems

by JoAnnSmot

I have an Adventurer 3, purchased Christmas 2021. I currently use Flashprint and the old 123D design software. I have not been happy with the quality of my prints. My primary issues are that I get a lot of threads showing on the finished product and I have to set the z-space to .4 to even begin to get it separated from the raft. So, I started shopping for a new slicer and now have lots of questions. Any help would be great.

  1. Am I correct in thinking that my issues are slicer related?

  2. What slicers work well with Adventurer 3. I am considering purchasing Simplify but want to know if that's a good option. I am not able to invest the time in learning to fine tune gcodes so I want a slicer that is designed to work with Adventurer 3 rather than Cura which I could make work, but don't have the necessary knowledge base for that.

  3. When messing with Cura I discovered that I have some connection issues. My computer cannot find the printer. When I ping my printer from the network, it says it's there. But, when I go to connect it says that it cannot be found. When I connected Flashprint I used the IP Address. I tried connecting Cura with both the IP address and over the network to no avail. I even tried setting my printer to hotspot but that did not work. Finally, I set the printer to hotspot and plugged my computer in directly with a ethernet cord. My browser still could not see the printer. With all methods, I could ping the printer, but when I went into a browser to access the printer, the browser could not find the IP address. I tried with multiple browsers. I also tried to connect with BuildBee over both USB and ethernet to no avail, but BuildBee had very few instructions and I might not have been using it correctly. I reset the printer to factory defaults and had the same results. So, once I choose a slicer, will I be able to connect? Anyone know what's happening?
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