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Flashforge Creator Pro Filament loading Temp Change

by abesau

Doe anyone know how to change the loading temp for the extruders on a 2015 Flashforge creator pro? I'm trying to print PC+PBT but having an issue with the loading b/c it seems as if the temp is not hot enough to push the filament through and am getting the infamous clicking.

Thank you

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Creator Pro

by Kirbs

Hi all, After changing a blocked nozzle on my Creator Pro, the X,Y & Z axis's have stopped working. The bed heats up, the Nozzle heats up the extruder works perfectly but that's it. I've tried jogging the three axis's via the controller. When homing there is a click but nothing happens. I have check all plugs both ends everything is connected properly.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this and found a fix? or Where do I start looking for a solution?

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Cracking noise - Creater Pro

by skipberry

When Moving the carriage in the x direction I frequently hear a loud cracking noise. I cannot find the root cause. The belts appear to be fine and not riding up on the rollers. Any thoughts as to what is wrong?

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Dreamer dual extruding

by mark_chase

Are there any settings changes that need to be made with dual extruding? I added a wall to help with color contamination but when it switches from one extruder to the other, there is a second or so that nothing comes out of the extruder. It is causing problems with my print. I checked and both extruders are within .001 of being level with each other so that’s not an issue. Do I need to shorten the retraction setting? Or is there something else that I may be missing? This is my first attempt at dual extruding, so I’m at a loss for what I may or may not be doing. Thanks.

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Flashforge Inventor with S3D

by meierme176

I was wondering if I can use Simplify3D with the Flashforge inventor. It isn't listed in the printers, but I was wondering if I just use the dreamer profile. I know the dreamer has a 100 micron resolution whereas the inventor has a 50 micron however, wouldn't I just be able to change that in layer height?

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