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Duel Extrusion tool change

by neonblur

I am printing an object that I only need to duel extrude up to layer 21 of 65 layers. I am using an ooze shield but it basically becomes useless at layer 21 so I am wondering if there is a script or something I can change in S3D to tell my FFCP not to print the ooze shield after that layer? Do I have to go and delete all the commands out of the gcode? That would be a pain. Thanks for any input!

Underextrusion at start of Perimeter

by josh4675

Hey all, I have a Flashforge Creator pro and I am currently dealing with a problem... Every time the printer goes to start a new perimeter, it seems to underextrude. In the attached picture, I have an example of this happening. I have tried to change retraction settings but still no luck. I am using Flashprint to slice by the way. Any advice would be helpful!


Printing threaded object looks like stacked saucers

by darincummins

I am trying to print an object that has threads. I designed it with OnShape and sliced it using Simplify3D. The object looks great in both programs. However, when I print it on my Creator Pro (2017), the threads are not uniform. They are flat on the side that was facing up, and angled on the side that was facing down. It almost looks like a stack of saucers. I've included a photo.

I tried dropping the temperature of the bed and the extruder, but the results are the same. I have not tried lowering the speed (currently at 60mm/s) but will try that next if no one has any better ideas.


thread threaded

FFCP with Simplify3D Ringing issues

by aockey

I have a FlashForge Creator Pro and use Simplify3D. I recently noticed some ringing in my prints and have been trying to fix it for the past few days.

So far, I have slowed the print down to 60mm/s and placed the printer on a very firm surface to reduce vibration. Any other ideas?

Weird Flash Print freeze

by ShamusTheTinker

I use a Finder, and for a lot of my printing I use Flashprint. The last couple of days I've been having a problem where when I start the program, it freezes while loading. The only way I can get flashprint to work is to uninstall and reinstall the program. Anyone else familiar with this?