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Print/Printer Issues

by Molowa

Having an issue with a print that you're working on? Strange noises coming from your printer? Post any issues you're having here and let's help each other out!

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Creator Pro Bearing Alignment

by SpaceChampion

Hi there. I've got a Flashforge Creator Pro from early 2016 (pre redesign with better acrylic top) and I recently took it apart to discover that one of the Y axis rods had been chewed up. I got some (mediocre) replacement bearings as I try to source some better quality ones that aren't outrageously expensive. But on all but one rod I get weird binding issues. Does anyone know how to properly mount and adjust bearing alignment? I've tried fitting the old bearings (not from the bad rail) as a test and they bind too.

I'm wondering if the plastic axis components have warped or cracked and I need to replace them? The plastic's surface texture makes it hard to tell.

Oh! and if anyone knows where to get good bearings in North America, please let me know.

bearing_binding bearing_mount binding creator_pro flashforge rebuild
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What is Your Dimensional Accuracy on FFCP

by samppan

My PLA print is at 0.3mm, wondering what's everyone else?
Is there room for more accuracy? If so, how do you achieve it?

Also, I found PLA prints better without the hood, especially with larger prints; my guess is the chamber temperature gets warmer over time.

I did calibration with below:

PrusaSlicer (using DrLex's printer/filament config.)
0.4mm nozzle (factory)

Some dimensional accuracy test prints below:

Customizable 3D Tolerance Test
by zapta
Make: 2017 3D Printer Test Files
accuracy FFCP print_accuracy
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Auto Bed Level

by SeanAbel

Has anyone set up or have an auto bed leveling system for their FFCP using a sensor similar to the Prusa P.I.N.D.A. 2 probe system?

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Why bother??

by MrGadgey

If there's a flashforge group already, why bother??

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