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Print/Printer Issues

by Molowa

Having an issue with a print that you're working on? Strange noises coming from your printer? Post any issues you're having here and let's help each other out!

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Auto Bed Level

by SeanAbel

Has anyone set up or have an auto bed leveling system for their FFCP using a sensor similar to the Prusa P.I.N.D.A. 2 probe system?

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Why bother??

by MrGadgey

If there's a flashforge group already, why bother??

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FlashForge Creator Pro (2016): Things to do and Things NOT to do

by Spike_916

I have had my FlashForge Creator Pro (2016) for over a year now and have been through many spools of filament. I found things I think we should all know and things I might not know. We should post our finds and our mistakes. I have a lot to share which will take some time to type but I wanted to start this since we all might have the same experiences. Below are mods or upgrades:

1: Simplify3D is WAY better than FlashPrint
2: Glass Bed is a MUST
3: ABS: Level and Print Straight to Glass – Use Purple Glue Sticks Straight to Glass
3b: Temps: Extruder: 222/Bed: 109
3c:Purple Glue Sticks with Glass = Easy Clean up
4: PLA: Lay down 6” Blue Painters Tape, Level, and Purple Glue Sticks.
4a: Temps: Extruder: 209/Bed: 40
5: OctoPrint is Great
5a: Get a Logitech Cheap Cam
5b: Get a RaspberryPi
5c: 3D print a slim RasberryPi case
5d: Monitor your printer remotely

Like a said, this is a start and we need to share our experiences.

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Can't print with left nozzle

by jwilliford68

I have a creator pro that has all of a sudden decided to come to the front right corner of the machine and sit there when I designate the print for the left nozzle. Prints fine with the right nozzle. Has printed fine with the left until a few minutes ago.

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