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Has anyone had a jam yet? *Fixed! Thanks for the help!*

by UnfortunateFish

I recently just switched my ABS Extruder to PLA, did one successful print in the PLA then on my second print, around 85% of the print being complete (about an hour in) the extruder stopped feeding filament and there was quite a distinctive clicking sound. I have tried upping the temps and pushing it through, also pulling it out and re loading but nothing is working. Anyone got any tips on unclogging.

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Creator 3 Right Heater Status Registering 1025 C

by JJayZ

Hi all - I have a Flashforge Creator 3 which has been running great for months now. Just installed a 6mm hardened nozzle and ran into problems. My right heater is now registering 1025 C when viewed on the STATUS screen and will not heat up. Possibly I shorted something out while disassembling/reassembling the nozzle assembly? I then replaced the thermocouple and swapped out the Right Extruder Circuit Transfer Board with a new spare. No luck. However, still able to print with the left print head. Before going forward replacing the heater and other component attempting to eliminate the problem, I wanted to check with those more knowledgeable than me. Any suggestions?

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Flashforge 6.0 3D Printer

by Cherrytree16

Hi All,
I am new to resin 3D printing and have a Flashforge 6.0 3D printer, and I have done everything that it says in the manual about bed levelling, but the prints stick to the FEP and sometimes on the FEP and build-plate! Any idea what I am doing wrong as it is driving me crazy!
Thank you in advance.

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can't calibrate the Adventure 3

by JoAnnSmot

I've had my Adventure 3 for a couple weeks now. Everytime I go to calibrate the platform it says something totally different. I can get it perfect where an index card slides under with a small amount of tension. Then I run the calibration again and there's a gap the size of the Grand Canyon. Anyone know why it keeps changing on me or what I can do to fix this?

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Experienced Creator Pro user to Creator Pro 2

by Ivorness

Hi all
I love my Creator Pro in combination with Simplify 3D - it's sturdy and prints endlessly - nearly endlessly.
However - my Creator Pro nears end of its life-cycle. I consider to replace it with the IDEX version - Creator Pro 2.
I'm fine with the slightly higher price tag - but I wonder, whether there is any reason not to upgrade, but replacing the creator pro.

Any reason you'd say, why I should not replace it with the idex version? Thnx for any hints, I have overlooked in the reviews and forum about the Creator Pro 2?

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