Led Issue

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i made a "restore settings" after my little daughter touched the control pannel and i have all the led light turned off.
How can i make them like it was shipped?
Thank you in advance,


I had the same problems after resetting my FF Creator Pro 2016. No lights after startup. I mailed Flashforge what to do. They came with the following :

Pls download Replicator G from this link, connect the computer and Replicator G, open the control panel, there is a LED setting on the left down corner, make the RGB value at most, and then open printer and checkif LED lighting work well. http://www.flashforge.com/support-center/creator-pro/ "

I did this and all went good, after that. So I hope I could help you with this support from Flashforge.


Thank you! Had the same issue, looked all over for a fix. Worked like a charm on FFCP1. Please note I was unable to connect via USB/COM with ReplicatorG on the new FFCP2 so I would seriously consider this before doing a factory restore on FFCP2. You can look for LED option in new FlashPrint "Control panel" but I could not find it.


Thanks so much. Flashforge no longer lets you download Replicator G from their support site. I found a version on Google Code Archive https://code.google.com/archive/p/replicatorg/downloads . I wasn't quite sure which printer to choose (no Creator) but Replicator 2 has an LED Color button, so I gave it a shot and it worked. Strange that the Flashprint manual shows a control panel option under tools, but my tools menu only has an update firmware button. Flashprint can see the creator over usb because I can update the firmware and see that it's connected to COM 3. A video on youtube on how to change led color shows the control panel. I want the control panel back if it was taken out in a recent update.


I clicked on the link and it didn't help to make a long story short. How else can I download ReplicatorG?

Click on that link and go to "download software / firmware". Click on it and you will see a list of downloadable content. Halfway is standing ReplicatorG. Download it and install it on your pc.

What machine do you have; is this for the Creator Pro?
If so it should have been included on the SD card.

Start a print. When in monitor mode press the left key, then up 3 times, You should see the Set lights ON option.

That is a way to turn them on, but I'm having the same problem as this guy, I think he wants them to stay on like they originally did. That is at least what I'd like to do.

Open RepG and connect via USB. Machine --> Control Panel --> Far right tab. Choose the color and then commit the changes.

Thank you so much. It worked for me.

ReplicatorG The out of date open source software that came with the Flashforge. You might be able to set it using another program, but I wouldnt know how to do that and figured everyone that has a FF had ReplicatorG

I see, well thanks for telling me what you can.

My mistake for assuming it was for a Creator pro. I guess since this is a general flashforge forum I should have asked for what machine.