Finder Profile for Cura Pretty Please?

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Has anyone successfully created a profile for the Flashforge Finder in Cura yet? While FlashPrint is ok, it would be so much more efficient if I just use one software now that I have a CR-10S friend for my Finder. Here's what I have so far:

X (Width): 140 mm
Y (Depth): 140 mm
Z (Height): 140 mm
Build plate shape: Rectangular
Origin at center: Yes
Heated bed: No
G-code flavor: Makerbot???

X min: 20 mm???
Y min: 10 mm???
X max: 10 mm???
Y max: 10 mm???
Gantry Height: 99999999999 mm???
Number of Extruders: 1

I feel like I'm close, but some of these (the ones with ??? on them) I'm just not sure about. Anyone have suggestions?

these work
but it starts immediately without waiting for the temperature to go up.
you have to preheat before starting the print.

I'm brand new, so take what I saw with a hefty grain of salt, but ran across your post when looking for cura settings for my finder too (your post was very helpful). I found somewhere else that putting the command M6 on the next line after the initial G28 code would tell the Finder to preheat before starting.

thank you! what about the nozzle settings? offset on X and Y?

I did nozzle size 0.4mm, compatible material 1.75mm, no offsets on x or y. Seems to work, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else had a correction that made this even better.

How about the other extruder?

Bed size of the creator is 220 wide