Creator Pro 2 Slicer Options

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I have a new Creator Pro 2 coming and am having trouble finding a decent slicer for this printer.

I downloaded FlashPrint and as most already know (and now myself) this is not very functional and lacks many (if not most) features of other slicers, such as Cura 4.8.0.

Anyone have options? What are you using with your Creator Pro 2?

I have a Creator Pro and I use Flashprint for 99% of prints. It just seems to work the best with my two FF brand printers. It has the easiest to remove supports of any slicer I've used. However, I have a .6mm nozzle on the right side and I use Slic3r Prusa edition for that since Flashprint does not support nozzles other than .4mm. Slic3r has very difficult to remove supports and I've tried it on multiple 3D printers with the same results but that is my slicer of choice for my Creality printer.

It's true it's not as feature rich but for most prints it does the job well.

I to have a Creator Pro 2 (Idex) and to be honest I don't feel I am missing out on anything when using Flash print, what exactly do you need ?

Once you have seen the flexibility of CURA or Simplify3D, Flashprint just doesn't have the capability or feature set required for uses creating their own prints.

I am currently getting much better prints using SImplify3D.

Are you in expert mode? I think something like 90% of what you can do in Cura you can do in Flashprint. If there is something you can't do and want to do, maybe ask and see if there is a way to do it that isn't as obvious.

Below you mention the .gx file. It turns out this is actually just a GCode file, with the binary for the image of the print pre-pended to it. You can prove this to yourself if you open it in a text editor. You can just delete all the binary stuff before the GCode, save the file with a the extension ".g" and put it on an SD card and print it. You can also take that file and upload it to a GCode render (e.g. https://gcode.ws) and you will see the thing you sliced is right there.

I want to get Cura working for my Creator Max, so I'm still working on this. The #1 thing I'm wanting is profiles for more materials than provided by FlashForge. I think if they made it easy to share profiles and printer settings within the community it would help a lot.

Yes, I am in expert mode in both, and just can't seem to find all the same options in Flashprint that I have in Cura.

After much research and some private communication, I have purchased Simplify3D and am learning this slicer, which is far more advanced than Flashprint or Cura.

I have had a Creator Pro since they first came out years ago. I have fooled around with Cura and others but found I didn't need most of the features they offer and felt it was slowing me down. It's overkill for most people. I tend to favor the Makerbot Desktop and the FlashPrint that comes with it, they are simple and get the job done. I use the free version of Sketchup to create, tweak and repair models.

These all have good points...

  1. They are free
  2. They are easy to use
  3. They work well with the Creator Pro
  4. They are free. :-)

I have been using Makerbot Desktop too for a while, and with discrete success. As pointed out above it is easy to use and free (I liked more the older version, now it is called Makerbot Print but it is a bit too simplified for my taste. It is still possible to use the older versions but u have to scavenge a bit to find the installer). In time my needs led me to drop Makerbot Desktop in favor of Simplify 3D and man, it is another universe. 150£ is not cheap, though, so I still recommend Makerbot Desktop if you want a free software. Replicator G is also a viable solution, but it is not very user-friendly.

Hi Babj, I'm using Simplify3D. It's a little expensive but it's been well worth it over the years. I get prints and great customization capabilities.


Well, FlashForge is looking into some 'Slicer Issues' for the Creator Pro 2, and meanwhile Simplify3D came through for me and I am now learning how to use this slicer....

Thank you!

That software is fully functional with Creator Pro 2 (Two)?

Not on the list, but the previous Creator Pro is.

I emailed them and asked when the new "2" will be supported.

Just noticed they show version 4.1 is 'New! Just Released' - but that was in april 2018....

Does the company even exist any more?

I also use S3D as my slicer. I simply upload the gcode file it creates to a Octoprint front end. I cannot say that S3D is particularly worth the money. Further, they havent updated it in years. It missing many new features other slicers are trying. Even if they decided to add those features, it is likely I wouldn't be able to get them without purchasing it again (or some license upgrade fee). You are give a licensing term of 1 year for updates. You can still use it, just no upgrades to the latest.

Yes, that might be OK for printers supported by your slicer of choice, but the new FlashForge Creator Pro 2 does not use gcode, nor does it use x3g files, but rather gx files.

Apparently the only Slicer capable of creating print files for the FFCP2 is FlashPrint, which is, well, garbage by comparison.

It appears FlashForge have locked the Crator Pro 2 to only their proprietary slicer, which means it is not a good option for most consumers.