Creator Max Glass Bed Upgrade

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Good Day;

We have been using the Creator Max with PLA and had great success with printing on the blue sheets that came in the box. The issue is PLA does not stick without brims or rafts, but then some printed pieces break when trying to remove the raft or brim (articulated lizard, frog). We had loads of trouble with PETG.

To solve this, we upgraded to the borosilicate glass bed, 3mm, sprayed on Aquanet, printed off the PETG shim (perfect) and now we are not getting the PLA to stick at all. Original setting was 210 print head and 50 bed; We tried out 210 print head and 60 bed. The filament threads are visible when they were not prior to the glass bed upgrade. We keep getting what looks like warping and delamination. My settings are always to keep the fans off.

We are total noobs with the 3d filament printing and don't know if this is still cold - does the print head also need to be raised on temperature with the bed?

It looks like your print head is too far away from the glass. Re-level the bed. The first layer should have a little 'squish' to it. Yours looks too round. I'm not familiar with the Creator Max. Does it have an auto level feature or is it manual like my older Creator Pro? If it's manual, you should use a single sheet of paper to adjust the height. You will want to go around to where each adjustment screw is and adjust until you feel just a slight resistance when you move the paper. Do this several times. You will want the bed and nozzle heated before you start to account for expansion of the glass.

If the Max has auto level, you will need to run the initial setup routine again and adjust the test print so that it is about 1/2 to 1/3 as thick as what shows up in your pictures. Hope this helps.

Thank you, @Sparky6548. We will give that a go. It has been quite an exercise working out settings for PETG and PLA. We got the glass and PETG sticks / prints really well now. We lost the PLA in the process... Since you're here - any recommendations for a slicing software?

For now, you are probably going to have to stick with Flashhprint. According to this thread on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/FlashForge/comments/ifq2ja/cura_and_creator_max/ , the newer Flashforge printers are using a proprietary format for the Creator Max called .gx. It appears to be a version of gcode, but with a few changes that haven't yet been incorporated into other slicers.

For what it's worth, I always used Simplify 3D with my Creator Pro. It was expensive to buy, but at the time it was the best. Unfortunately, S3D has not kept up with the other slicers and is not worth the money anymore. These days I'm using PrusaSlicer with my new Prusa I3 mks. Besides being free, it is continually updated and has more features than S3d. I haven't tried it yet on my FFCP, but will next time I use it.

Anyway, I suspect that it won't be long before someone figures out an add on for non-Flashprint slicers that will generate the needed code for the Max.