Experienced Creator Pro user to Creator Pro 2

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Hi all
I love my Creator Pro in combination with Simplify 3D - it's sturdy and prints endlessly - nearly endlessly.
However - my Creator Pro nears end of its life-cycle. I consider to replace it with the IDEX version - Creator Pro 2.
I'm fine with the slightly higher price tag - but I wonder, whether there is any reason not to upgrade, but replacing the creator pro.

Any reason you'd say, why I should not replace it with the idex version? Thnx for any hints, I have overlooked in the reviews and forum about the Creator Pro 2?

Sorry for not seeing the question earlier. The Creator Pro 2 is head and shoulders better than the Creator Pro.

The only "downside" is it's no longer "open source", so it's pretty much Flashprint or S3D to use it.

You'll love the IDEX printing. The ability to double the output and print with both extruders at the same time is awesome!

The creator pro is based on the original Makerbot design. I had an earlier version of the creator pro and feel like 3D printers have evolved past the early designs. The Prussia, CR-10 and other printers are more of an updated design. I have a SeeMECNC Artemis delta. It requires much less fixing than any printer I have owned. Its has a 32 bit processor Duet board. Its pricy though. It Came it a wooden crate where the 2 Chinese printers I attempted to upgrade to arrived broken in a soggy box.