can't calibrate the Adventure 3

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I've had my Adventure 3 for a couple weeks now. Everytime I go to calibrate the platform it says something totally different. I can get it perfect where an index card slides under with a small amount of tension. Then I run the calibration again and there's a gap the size of the Grand Canyon. Anyone know why it keeps changing on me or what I can do to fix this?

They recently updated the firmware to sort out levelling issues.

Have you checked to make sure no debris or small amounts of material are under the platform? Under the platform on the right edge there is a shiny strip. This is where the wheel travel for the Y plane. I could not get a good calibration once because a very small amount of material had made its way under there and it was messing up my left side calibration in the back.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do not see anything on at strip and I keep the interior very clean. I always pick up loose pieces of filament. But, I'll do a closer inspection and see if there's any debris in the nooks and crannies.

Rats, well that is the only idea I had. If you find a solution let us know, incase I end up running into it. I have only had mine for a couple months.