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Hello, I've been trying for a while now to 3d print this model in 2 colors with my IDEX Creator Pro 2. My issue is is that I have no way of selecting the parts of the model that I want to be printed with a certain extruder. This is where the part where I tried to model. I tried to separate the whole part into 2 models but my lack of 3D modeling abilities didn't help. I've tried Meshmixer, Blendr, and Fusion 360 but I couldn't make any progress with them. I know Prusa Slicer has a drawing option for models but I can't find a working Profile for the Creator Pro 2. So If anyone has suggestions for how to accomplish this I would greatly appreciate it.

The reason it isn't working is that there is only one solid in the file. Usually you would want two models (in Cura after setting extruders then select both then right click and click "Merge"). If you only have one model file, there must at least be two meshes in the file. To separate these parts you would need to manually select all the parts you want, separate them, then extrude them so they are solids. The easiest way is to duplicate the faces before separating them, then extruding them (otherwise you'd have to fill the holes in the main body). In other words, this requires highly skilled modeling work. I suggest finding someone to do it or paying someone or finding a model that is already suitable.

Thanks for this information. I’ve already tried making 2 new files but getting the faces and extruding them. This didn’t work so I turned to a professional. He said that we can’t rework this mesh and he would have to start it from scratch, unfortunately. I know there are ways to do it but it requires a lot of money. I was just hoping that there was something similar to prusa slicer where you can select parts of the model for dual extrusion,

Dont give up on the Creator Pro 2. Ive printed some nice stuff on it. Especially using PVA as a support material. There are plenty of models out there that are ready to print with a dual extruder.

Hello OwenKelly,

I have a Creator Pro 2 and have done many dual extrusion prints. You have to right click on the object in Flashprint. A menu will pop up and you can select which extruder you want the object to print on from there.

Hope this helps.