Adventurer 3 will not home correctly. replace endstop?

#adventurer adventurer 3 flashforge homing

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If anyone can send me a video or give me some direction on this, I would really appreciate. My research points to replacing the x axis endstop so I ordered the part but the wires look to run inside the casing of the machine. I don't even know where to start to access these parts to replace them. I don't want to totally screw this up. Does anyone have a video they can send me on how to do this? I have been scouring the internet and can't find anything but I'm probably not writing it correctly.

This is a link to a video clip of what it is doing. https://photos.google.com/direct/AF1QipOYxw8b7cYiCKnEHuGJN2Kd4QVIjsb9QVeM87d6hq0RtofAe-2jOv5IAWwIb-ahaw?pli=1

Is it about this? I couldn't access the link you posted, so I don't know if it's right for this topic...
Below is a Japanese article about x axis cable repair. I hope photos will be of some help.