Waves (ringing)

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What would cause my parts to all of a sudden start having ringing or waves what's all the possibilitys? the belts don't seem to be lose but I'm not positive is there a video on how to tighten the. I can't seem to find one for the creator pro

The ringing might be caused by the Z-axis moving too tightly without any lubricant. Try adding some sewing machine lubricant to it, should help.

I tried that with super lube it didn't help :(

Okay how about this? Reload S3D, delete your old profile and choose a new default profile for the FF from the config wizard and retry printing just from that. If its still faulty let me know and I'll see what I can do to help.

Thanks I tried that it helped some but it's still got a lot of ringing

Okay I've just done a quick search, have you tried these settings in the firmware/app? >

Change "X and Y max acceleration" from 1,000 to 750
Change "X and Y max speed change" from 15 to 6
Change "Right and Left extruder max acceleration" from 2,000 to 1,000
Change "Right and Left extruder max speed change" from 20 to 10

High acceleration is a key issue according to many users testimonies I've read, as well as not enough belt tension.

Is it a continuous wave (that doesn't die out on long straight stretches), or really ringing (which only occurs after sharp corners and then dies out quickly)? Is it in the X or Y direction, or both? A few photos could help to get an idea of what could be wrong…

I'm honestly not positive I have had in since January and this is the first problem I've had from what i googled I believe it's ringing after corners in looks like a ripple effect for a 1/4 inch or so I can't figure out how to post pictures on here

You could add a photo to one of your existing Makes and then paste the link here.
Did you modify anything about the printer, like add something heavy to the print carriage? Ringing gets worse as the print head gets heavier. It could also be due to the belts becoming stretched. You could try adding one or more simple belt tensioners made from paperclips to see if it makes any difference.

Paperclip belt tensioner
by DrLex

It got a lot better but it's not perfect i dont know what Else to try :(

It will never be perfect, there will always be some ringing, it is inevitable with this printer design. If however it remains a lot worse than when your printer was new, your belts may simply be worn out and you may need to replace them.

I made y tensioners and tightened the x will see if that help I'll let you know thanks

I made y tensioners and tightened the x will see if that help I'll let you know thanks

I haven't changed anything except I've been running the heck out of it lately I'll check that link out and try it thanks

I posted it as my back ground on my thingiverse profile but it's hard to see

I've tighten all the belts and It helped some but there is still alot of ringing I notice two prints I made one after another the first is perfect the second is full of ringing so something changed and I can't figure it out I've Googled for 3 days someone had me add a m code m205 x10 to she script I didn't see a difference I use s3d really need some ideas please help

Check the print platform. Is it still rigid, or does it seem loose? You should check the entire printer for anything that seems loose. Maybe it can be as simple as tightening some screws, but in the worst case you'll have to replace some parts.